The National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST), established at Teachers College in 1990, supports restructuring efforts by documenting successful school improvement initiatives, creating reform networks to share new research findings with practitioners, and linking policy to practice. NCREST works to develop understandings that help schools become: learner-centered by focusing on the needs of learners in decisions about school organization, governance, and pedagogy; knowledge-based, by restructuring teacher learning and professional development that are supported by disciplined inquiry; and responsible and responsive, by refocusing and re-inventing accountability and assessment practices. Currently, NCREST is involved in a variety of projects including aligning curriculum and educational technology, Professional Development Schools, teacher learning, student assessment, the documentation of successful school reform efforts in elementary and secondary schools, and the development of local, state, and national policies that reflect the relationship of research and practice. Jacqueline Ancess is the director of NCREST.

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