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The M.A. in Gifted Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University is for students with no background in education as well those with teacher education credentials. This graduate program will take you beyond learning how to teach advanced students to deepening your critical thinking skills. You’ll explore the notion of gifted students and gifted education. You’ll learn to look at difficult issues and ask difficult questions, especially around social justice and inequality in our schools. You’ll not only learn how to provide appropriate education for advanced students, but for all students regardless of factors, such as race, ethnicity, social class, and gender.

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This option allows students in the Elementary Inclusive Education Program to receive the New York State certificate extension in gifted education along with their initial elementary education certification by including 12 credits in gifted education in their course of study. Students who choose this option complete an additional semester of student teaching (4 credits) in a gifted education setting, which can be an inclusive setting, along with three courses in gifted education.

The Professional-certification Program in the Education of Gifted Students in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University, is designed for students who have graduated from an accredited teacher-education program and who hold an initial teaching certificate and for students who are not, and currently do not wish to be, certified teachers.  Graduates of the program who hold a teaching certification are recommended for the New York State certificate extension in Gifted Education and, by virtue of earning the M.A., qualify for New York State professional certification once they meet State experiential requirements.  Thus, for those students, completion of this program provides students with (a) the advanced degree required for professional certification, (b) certification in gifted education, and (c) knowledge relating to the nature, needs, and pedagogy of gifted students that contributes to greater effectiveness as a teacher in a variety of situations.

The Summer Certification is a 12-credit summer course sequence that allows students who hold, or will soon obtain, a valid initial or professional teaching certificate in New York State to also meet the educational requirements for the New York State certification extension in Gifted Education.

The Department of Curriculum & Teaching offers a single Doctor of Education program with different areas of concentration. Beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year, the Ed.D. degree required credit load for this program will change from 90 to 75 credits. Up to 30 credits from prior graduate studies may be transferred, subject to advisor approval. Prospective new students who apply for spring, summer or fall 2024 terms and are successfully admitted will follow the new reduced Ed.D. credit requirements.

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Professor James H. Borland discusses Gifted Education as it relates to social justice and equity.

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