Amra Sabic-El-Rayess, a Senior Research Professor in the Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis, published an article "Who Gets Radicalized? What I Learned from my Interviews with Extremist Disciples” in the Sunday edition of the Huffington Post (July 19, 2016). This article, and her forthcoming book, are based on 50 rare and exclusive interviews with extremist disciples.  

“…The West, in particular, has much to learn from the Salafis.  To win this complex ideological game with Salafism, we need a new perspective on education. We instruct foreign elites in the hope they will return and propagate our values in their homelands from the top of the social pyramid.  But we neglect the peripheral populations, whose “education” Salafis have perfected at the pyramid’s base.“ 

You can read the whole article HERE