Education Policy & Social Analysis

EPSA is welcoming its fifth program, History & Education, in Fall 2023. The program will no longer operate in the Department of Arts and Humanities. 

Welcome to the Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis

The Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis embraces separate and venerable programs in Economics and Education, Politics and Education, and Sociology and Education, and a notable group of legal scholars. Our programs value communication and collaboration across the disciplines and to prepare students to operate in those environments. In addition, our Education Policy program offers an interdisciplinary degree.

Our Programs

Students discuss around a table in Econ & Ed

Economics & Education

Apply economic concepts and tools to address both domestic and international issues in pre-kindergarten through post-secondary education.

Students work one-on-one with faculty in an Education Policy class

Education Policy

Examine both formal and informal institutions of schooling and the political, legal, bureaucratic, organizational, economic, and social factors that affect both schools and the broader educational enterprise.

History & Education

Historical understanding is essential in the quest to create just societies and a better world. We are dedicated to creating such understanding through disciplined inquiry and the deep learning that comes with historical perspective.

Students attend a seminar in Politics & Education

Politics & Education

Study the ways in which governance institutions, political ideologies, and competing interests, both within and outside of the education community, influence the content, form, and functioning of schooling.

Students in a Sociology & Education Classroom

Sociology & Education

We educate aspiring researchers, policy makers, school leaders, and teachers to use sociological theories and research findings as they analyze educational problems and seek to have an impact in solving those problems.

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