Innovations in Online Learning: Benefits and Costs of Alternative

Innovations in Online Learning: Benefits and Costs of Alternative Credentials

This webinar, sponsored by the Office of Digital Learning at Teachers College, Columbia University, brings together institutions of higher education known as leaders in innovation to describe and discuss the successes and challenges of developing and delivering alternative credentials such as MicroMasters and Specializations. These are developments that few universities can afford to ignore if they wish to stay competitive. A researcher from the Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education (CBCSE) at Teachers College will highlight key findings from a study of the benefits and costs to learners of participating in MicroMasters and Specializations. Panelists from Teachers College; Wharton; MIT; and University of Michigan will discuss their online initiatives. Fiona Hollands, the lead author of the aforementioned study, will moderate the question-and-answer sessions. 


Steven Goss, from Teachers College, will discuss the College’s efforts to increase its capacity in online certificates and other specializations

Aasiya Kazi, CBCSE researcher, will present the learner’s perspective on alternative credentials

Anne Trumbore of Wharton Online will describe how the School has managed to ”convert” MOOC participants into fee-paying learners in open, online, non-degree course series such as Specializations

David Lawrence-Lupton, from the University of Michigan, will report on the University’s three MicroMasters programs

Eva Ponce from MIT will report on the university's experience adapting its highly regarded on-campus Supply Chain Management Master's program into an open, online credential

Q&A sessions: Fiona Hollands, Associate Director and Senior Researcher, CBCSE, Teachers College, will moderate Q&A


Anne Trumbore
Senior Director of Wharton Online @University of Pennsylvania
Anne Trumbore is the Senior Director of Wharton Online at the University of Pennsylvania. In this role, Anne directs the design and production of online courses, analyzes data to understand learner needs, initiates and supports research projects, facilitates dialogue with internal and external stakeholders, and helps senior leadership of Wharton and the University to develop the strategic direction for Wharton’s online efforts. Anne has been teaching and designing curricula for online environments for almost 15 years. Her work has also resulted in a number of published articles and book chapters on online pedagogy and history.
David Lawrence-Lupton
Program Manager, MicroMasters @University of Michigan
David Lawrence-Lupton is the Program Manager, MicroMasters at the University of Michigan. He connects with faculty and schools involved in MicroMasters courses to foster a rich experience for learners engaged with the program. He ensures value for certificate level MicroMasters learners and works towards the successful integration of learners deciding to complete a master's degree with the partnering residential programs. David enables the schools involved in the program to fulfill their individual goals, while overseeing a unified vision of the initiative for the entire University.
Eva Ponce
Executive Director of the Supply Chain Management MITx MicroMasters @Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Eva Ponce is the Executive Director of the Supply Chain Management MITx MicroMasters Program as well as a Research Associate at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching and research in supply chain management and quantitative models for industrial engineering. In 2008, Eva was awarded tenure as an Associate Professor at the School of Industrial Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She received her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Carlos III University of Madrid. Eva has an active publication record, including journal papers, conference proceedings and refereed abstracts.

September 13, 2018, 1:00 PM

September 13, 2018, 2:30 PM

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