APPLE Lecture Presents Dr. Ehsan Hoque

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APPLE Lecture Presents Dr. Ehsan Hoque

Milbank Auditorium
Kiana Howerton
Open to:
Alumni, Current Students, Faculty & Staff, General Public, TC Community

APPLE Lecture Series 2023 Presents Dr. Ehsan Hoque

Friday, April 7, 2023 4-6PM EST
Milbank Auditorium (Zankel)
Open to General Public - Online or In-person
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Title: When can AI improve our social skills?

ChatGPT has exhibited impressive proficiency by achieving over 90% accuracy on a range of academic tests, including those required for high school, law school, and medical school. Nonetheless, there exist certain academic skills that AI is unlikely to master in the foreseeable future, such as the ability to tell personal stories, empathize with others, actively listen, collaborate effectively in a team, and be creative. 

Is it possible for AI to aid in improving some of these fundamental human skills? This concept may appear counterintuitive, but our research has indicated that thoughtfully designed AI applications can facilitate enhancements in public speaking, collaboration, credibility assessment, creativity, and storytelling. In this talk, I will provide examples of AI-driven systems evaluated through rigorous experiments and hold the potential to be deployed in the real world to promote access and equality in education.


Ehsan Hoque is an associate professor of computer science at the University of Rochester, where he co-leads the Rochester Human-Computer Interaction (ROC HCI) Group. Ehsan earned his Ph.D. from MIT in 2013, where the MIT Museum highlighted his dissertation—the development of an intelligent agent to improve human ability — as one of MIT’s most unconventional inventions. Building on the work/patent, Microsoft released “Speaker Coach” available in PowerPoint. Ehsan is best known for introducing and extensively validating the idea of using AI to train and enhance elements of basic human ability.

Ehsan and his students’ work has been recognized by NSF CAREER Award, MIT TR35, Young Investigator Award by the US Army Research Office (ARO). In 2017, Science News named him one of the 10 scientists to watch, and in 2020, the National Academy of Medicine recognized him as one of the emerging leaders in health and medicine. Ehsan is a distinguished member of ACM. Follow his group’s work at @rochci on Twitter.

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