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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Office of Facilities Management

Office of Facilities Management

Requesting Services

If you have a repair or maintenance issue, please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (212) 678-3010.


Standard Service Level 

Teachers College Office of Facilities is responsible for the operation of the buildings and grounds.  The Office of Facilities standard repair services on a non-chargeable basis.  This includes general electrical, plumbing, carpentry and HVAC repairs so that students, faculty, staff and visitors can enjoy a safe, functional, clean and scenic campus environment.  For a description of services see the links below.  Additional (chargeable) services may also be provided as needed.  See "Chargeable and Non-Chargeable" for a description of items that may be chargeable to the requesting department.

Service Response Classifications:

  • Emergency: service requests shall be classified as an emergency when the work requires immediate action to eliminate hazards that could endanger life or cause serious injury to personnel, to prevent loss or damage to College property, or to restore essential services.  Respond within 30 minutes from receipt; completion in time required to arrest emergency.
  • Urgent:  Service requests shall be classified as urgent when repairs or restoring services do not immediately endanger personnel or property, but which would soon lead to property damage, or affect the health or well being of personnel, or a user group priority (i.e. fume hoods, etc.).  Respond within two hours from receipt; completion within 48 hours.
  • Routine:  service requests shall be classified as routine when they do not qualify as Emergency or Urgent, or when further work is required after arresting emergency conditions completing within 30 days*
*Does not include work scheduled to be done at a future time at the user group's request.

Facilities department carpenters maintain and repair building structures by repairing and installing walls, floors, doors and furniture. Additionally some of the services our carpenters provide include furniture repair and event services, as well as custom carpentry work as shelving, cabinets and countertops.

Facilities department electricians maintain and repair all existing electrical systems and associated hardware including interior and exterior lighting, outlets and receptacles, switches, exit and emergency lighting, electric panels and circuit breakers, electric motors etc.

All campus elevators are inspected tested and preventive maintenance performed as part of an ongoing inspection program and in accordance with appropriate codes and standards.  All repairs are performed by the elevator service company. If any problems are observed please report them so that repairs can occur quickly.

The Office of Facilities provides painting services to all academic and administrative departments.  Some painting requests are chargeable.

Individuals living in on-campus housing should contact the office of Residential Services at X3235 with questions about painting.

The Locksmith Shop installs, replaces and services locks.  There is a fee for lost key replacement and lock changes or lock installs.

  • Departments are billed for labor plus materials.
  • On evenings, weekends and College holidays, locksmith services are billed at a higher hourly rate plus the cost of materials.

The Plumbing Shop specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for water, sewage, and drainage in buildings on and off campus.  Our plumbers install and repair pipes and fixtures used for water distribution and waste water disposal.  On a practical level they unclog drains, repair leaks, maintain and repair dining hall grease traps, provide standard repairs for toilets , urinals, sinks and tubs.

Light bulb replacement is a service provided for college fixtures in all academic and residential buildings.