Friedrich, Daniel (df2412)

Educational Background

PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, minor in Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, 2010.

University of Wisconsin-Madison , WI


B.A. [Licenciatura] in Educational Sciences, minor in Philosophy,  2003.

Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Teaching Certification for Primary Schooling (first through seventh grades), 2000.

Escuela Normal Superior Nro. 10, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Scholarly Interests

I am interested in epistemological and philosophical questions, as they relate to the politics of schooling and of teacher education. My background allows me to engage in interdisciplinary, comparative and international perspectives, particularly with a focus in Latin America.

Selected Publications



Friedrich, D. & Colmenares, E. (Eds.) (2017). Resonances of El Chavo del Ocho in Latin American Childhood, Schooling, and Societies. Bloomsbury Pre

Friedrich, D. (2014). Democratic Education as a Curricular Problem. Historical consciousness and the moralizing limits of the present. Routledge.

Peer-reviewed journals

Corson, J., Dauphinais, J., & Friedrich, D. (2020) Holy Childhoods, Batman!: Configurations of Youth and Possibilities in Teacher Education as Seen Through Robin Comics. The New Educator, 16(2), 171-185.

Lewis, T. & Friedrich, D. (2016). Educational States of Suspension. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 48(3), 237-250.

Straubhaar, R. & Friedrich, D. (2015) Theorizing and Documenting the Spread of Teach For All and its Impact on Global Education Reform. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 23(44). Retrieved from

Friedrich, D., Walter, M., & Colmenares, E. (2015) Making All Children Count: Teach For All and the Universalizing Appeal of Data. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 23(48). Retrieved from

Friedrich, D. (2014). "We brought it upon ourselves": University-based Teacher Education and the Emergence of Boot-Camp-Style Routes to Teacher Certification. Education Policy Analysis Archives.

Goulding, C., Walter, M., & Friedrich, D. (2014). Pedagogy, Torture, Exhibition: A Curricular Palimpsest. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 10(2), 158-176.

Friedrich, D. (2014) Global Micro-Lending in Education Reform: Ense por Argentina and the Neoliberalization of the Grassroots. Comparative Education Review, 58(2), 298-321.

Chapters and other non-peer-reviewed publications

Friedrich, D. (2020). The Idea of the University and its Specters. On the Ghostly Return of the “Excluded”. In: Fan, G. & Popkewitz, T. (Eds.) Handbook of Education Policy Studies. Springer/ Shanghai Education Press.

Friedrich, D. (2018). A Vision of a Cyborg Education. Revista Teias, 19(55), 175-187

Arata, N., & Friedrich, D. (2017). Schooling, Pedagogical Imaginaries, and Latin American Childhoods in El Chavo del 8. En D. Friedrich & E. Colmenares (Eds.), Resonances of El Chavo del Ocho in Latin American Childhood, Schooling and Societies (pp. 19–34). Place of publication not identified: Bloomsbury Academic.

Friedrich, D. (2016). Teach for All, Public-Private Partnerships, and the Erosion of the Public in Education. In A. Verger, C. Lubienski, & G. Steiner-Khamsi (Eds.), World Yearbook of Education 2016: The Global Education Industry (pp. 160–174). Routledge.



Provost’s Investment Fund, “Conference: Contemporary Perspectives on Latin American Education”, AY 2015-2016 (group led by myself, including faculty from all over the College).

Provost’s Investment Fund, “Re­mapping the landscape of teacher education: Exploring “research­rich” programs”, AY 2014-2015 (written with Prof. Nancy Lesko and Prof. Amy Stuart Wells).

Provost's Investment Fund, "A 'Course Staff' Model for Teaching Assistants", AY 2012-2013 (Faculty group led by D. Hansen).

Provost’s Investment Fund, “Colloquium Series in Curriculum and Teaching: Feeding the Intellectual Experiences of Doctoral Students”, AY 2012-2013 (Written on behalf of the Dept. of Curriculum and Teaching).

Provost’s Investment Fund, “Cultural and Linguistic Exchange in the Americas”, AY 2012-2013 (Written with Prof. Regina Cortina).

Research and Travel Grant, Institute of Latin American Studies, Columbia University, 2012-2013.

Dean’s grant for Pre-Tenured and Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Teachers College, Summer 2012.

Vilas Travel Grant, Graduate Student Collaborative, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 11/2009.

Dissertator Travel Funds, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin – Madison,  10/2008.

Tinker-Nave Field Research Grant , 06/2008.



“Teachers College in the World, The World in Teachers College.” Panel organized and led, Annual Conference of the CIES, San Francisco 04/2019.

Schools, Hypertime, and a Multiverse of Possibilities: Crisis on Infinite Reforms!, AERA Annual Meeting, Toronto, 04/2019.

Do robots dream of police violence?, Annual Conference of the CIES, Mexico, 03/2018.

“Imaginarios de Escuela en El Chavo del 8”, International Standing Conference on the History of Education, Buenos Aires, 07/2017. (With Nicolás Arata).

“Hacking Toward a Public Education”, AERA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, 04/2017. (With Jordan Corson).

“Imaginaries of Latin American Schooling in El Chavo del 8”, Annual Conference of the CIES, Atlanta, 03/2017.

“Hacking as a Democratic Suspension”, AERA Annual Meeting, Chicago, 04/2015.

“Making All Children Count: Teach For All and the Universalizing Appeal of Data”, AERA Annual Meeting, Chicago, 04/2015. (With M. Walter and E. Colmenares)

“Teach for whom? Questioning the possibility of PPPs in education through a comparison of Teach for All in Chile and Argentina”, Annual Conference of the CIES, Washington DC, 03/2015.

“One Day, All Children will be Numbers: Teach For All and the Universalizing Appeal of Data”, Annual Conference of the CIES, Washington DC, 03/2015. (With M. Walter and E. Colmenares)

“Teach for ... (Fill in the Blank): Teacher Education in the Age of Global Reproduction”, AERA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, 04/2014.

“Global Micro-Lending in Education Reform: Enseñá por Argentina and the Neoliberalization of the Grassroots”, CIES Regional Conference, Amherst, 11/2013.

“Mobilizing History as a Disciplinary Regime: The Power of Historical Consciousness”, AERA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 04/2013.

“Liminality in Global Education Projects”, AERA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 04/2013. (With Prof. Gaudelli)

“Enseñá por Argentina and the Troubled Production of the Corporate Teacher”, Annual Conference of the CIES, New Orleans, 03/2013. (With E. Colmenares)

““Enseña por …” (complete el espacio en blanco). Formación docente en la época de su reproductibilidad técnica”, Latin American Studies Association Meeting, San Francisco, 05/2012.

“Teach for… (Fill in the Blank). Teacher Education in the Age of Technical Reproduction”, Annual Conference of the CIES, Puerto Rico, 04/2012.

“Pedagogies of Torture, Pedagogies as Torture: A Curricular Palimpsest”, AERA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, 04/2012. (With C. Goulding and M. Walters)

“The Mobilization Of Historical Consciousness In The Narratives About The Last Argentine Dictatorship”, 55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Educational Society, Montreal, ON, 05/2011.

“Resisting Resistance”, AERA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 04/2011

“Educating a historical consciousness as a strategy to produce the Argentine citizen”, AAACS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 04/2011

“Nueva crisis, viejos problemas: aproximaciones y resignificaciones desde el campo educativo en la Argentina” (Symposium, president and participant), Latin American Studies Association Meeting, Montreal, 10/2010.

“Legislating Progress: Argentine Education Laws and the Framing of Darkness”, 54th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Educational Society, Chicago, IL, 03/2010. 

“The Paradoxes of a Democratic Education: Rancière and the Question of Equality”. AERA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 05/2010 (with Bryn Jaastad).

 “Democratic Education: An (Im)Possibility That Yet Remains To Come”. 4th Biennial Provoking Curriculum Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 05/2009 (with Bryn Jaastad).

“Creating a Past in the Present. Memory, Identity and Teaching in Post-Dictatorship Argentina.” AERA Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 04/2009.

“Argentinity, the Mobilization of the Recent Past and the Responsible Citizen”. 29th Annual Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice, Dayton, OH, 10/2008.

“De Víctimas y Resistencias. La Dictadura en las Aulas” [Victims and resistances. The dictatorship in the classroom]. VII Congreso Iberoamericano de historia de la educación latinoamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 10/2007.

 “De Víctimas y Resistencias. El Pasado Reciente en las Escuelas Argentinas” [Victims and resistances. The recent past in Argentine schools]. Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literature, Madison, WI, 10/ 2007.

 “The Construction of Argentinity Post-2001 and the Debates for a New National Education Law”. World University Network (WUN) Conference. Bergen, Norway, 09/2006.

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