Stults-Kolehmainen, Matthew A. (mas2454)

Matthew A. Stults-Kolehmainen

Adjunct Associate Professor

Office Location:

952 Building 528

Scholarly Interests

I study the interface between psychological stress, motivation and physical activity/exercise. Three major themes of my research include: 1) the impact of psychological stress on efforts to be physically active, 2) associations of stress and muscular recovery after exercise, and 3) wants/desires for muscular movement and rest and how these vary by stress.

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, August, 2009.
Major: Health Education (emphasis in Behavioral Health)

M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, May, 2004. Major: Human Movement Sciences

B.A., Hanover College, May, 2001.
Major: Psychology and Physical Education

Grants – Awarded (Ongoing)

NIH/NIDDK: R01DK117651 Sinha(PI)/Silverman (co-PI) 08/01/18 – 06/30/2023

Preventing Childhood Obesity through a Mindfulness-based Parent Stress Intervention

Aims: The goal of this project is to assess the efficacy of a mindfulness-based parent stress intervention in obese low income stressed parents of toddlers to improve health of their families and reduce obesity risk in their toddlers.

Role: Consultant

Grants – Awarded (Complete) Identifier: NCT02768987 Ash (PI) 05/11/2016-05/30/2018 Bright 1 Bodies: Extending the Bright Bodies Weight Management Program to Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes*

A 12-week intensive lifestyle program utilizing group exercise classes adapted for this population, supplemented with coping skills training and diabetes self-management education.

*Friends of Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital Elephant Grants, $10,914. 2016-17 *American College of Sports Medicine, New England Chapter New Investigator Award, $2,500. 2016-18
*Yale School of Nursing Biobehavioral Lab and the Miller Fund, $3,000. 2016-17
Ash GI, Joiner KL, Savoye M, Baker JS, Gerosa J, Kleck E, Patel NS, Stults-Kolehmainen M, Weinzimer SA, Grey M.

Role: Collaborating Investigator

NIH/NCCAM: R21 AT007708 Sinha (PI) 5/01/2013 – 3/31/2015 Preventing childhood obesity through a family-based mindfulness intervention.

This study is pilot testing the effects of a parenting-focused mindfulness intervention to reduce parent stress and preventing obesity in preschoolers with obese parents.

Role: Collaborating Investigator

NIH/NCRR-NIDCR: UL1 DE019586 Sinha (PI) 9/15/07 - 6/30/13 Interdisciplinary Research Consortium (IRC) on Stress Self-Control and Addiction.

The IRC brought together leading biological, behavioral and social scientists to examine the mechanisms underlying stress, self-control and negative health behaviors affecting health outcomes.

Role: Research Fellow

Invited (Oral; 11)

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2020, September). Motivation states for muscular movement and exercise: urges, cravings, wants and desires. Closing keynote (Palastrante na conferência de encerramento) Rio de Janeiro Sport Psychology (EoPERJ) Annual Meeting (online). Encontro Online de Psicologia do Esporte do Rio de Janeiro. Associação de Psicólogos do Esporte do Rio de Janeiro (ASSOPERJ).

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2018, February). Stress, strain and injury/illness in sports: An integrated perspective. Presented at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ).

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2017, November). "Exercise Caution" When Stressed: Physical activity makes you feel good, but does feeling bad make you less active? Honorary Keynote Address at VI Congresso ABRAPESP (Associação Brasileira do Psicologia do Esporte) de Psicologia do Esporte, Catholic University, Brasilia, Brazil.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2015, May). Lifestyle modification and exercise. Presented at the Yale 4th Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Management of Obesity Symposium. Orange, CT.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2014, November). Exercise programming and fitness for bariatric surgery patients. Presented at Obesity Week 2014, hosted by The Obesity Society and The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Boston, MA.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2013, November). Exercise Caution When Stressed: Physical activity makes you feel good, but does feeling bad make you less active? 1st Annual Clinical Exercise Physiology Association annual conference, held in conjunction with the American College of Sports Medicine – New England Regional Chapter annual meeting. Providence, RI.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2011, November). Exercise caution when stressed: A resistance training model to explore the impact of life events and perceived stress on physical recovery. Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Stress, Self-Control and Addiction. Yale Medical School. New Haven, CT.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2011, October & 2010, October). Exercise for MOWAM participants: Let’s do it! Meals on Wheel and More of Metro Austin. Austin, TX.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2009, November). The use of "Intervention Mapping" for physical activity and rehabilitation program design and implementation, National Center for Physical Activity and Disability – University of Illinois-Chicago. Chicago, IL.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2009, June). Exercise caution when stressed: The effect of stress on exercise behavior and performance – Physiological recovery from muscle disruption following exhaustive resistance exercise, and the impact of perceived stress. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of NASPSPA, Austin, TX.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2005). Adapted exercise for visually impaired people in rehabilitation. Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center- State of Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Austin, TX.

Accepted (Oral; 4)

Ash, G. I., Stults-Kolehmainen, M., & Wood, A. (2020, October). Improving Wearables in Sport and Fitness Through Data Standardization, Health Record Integration, Quality Assurance, and Interoperability. Presented at the New England Chapter Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Virtual event.

Ash, G. I. & Stults-Kolehmainen, M. (2019, November). The New Guiding Reference Standard for Wearable Devices by the International Federation of Sports Medicine: Open Forum for ACSM Membership Feedback. Presented at the New England Chapter Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Providence, RI.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M., Gilson, T. A., Brotnow, L., Bartholomew, J.B. Ciccolo, J. & Sinha, R. (2015, June). Conceptualizing and measuring the desire for energy expenditure and sedentary behavior: The CRAVE Scale for Movement and Rest. Presented at the Annual Conference of the North American Society for Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA), Portland, OR.

Stults-Kolehmainen, M., Bartholomew, J.B. & Sinha, R. (2013, June). Affective responses to strenuous exercise differ by the experience of chronic psychological stress. Presented at the 60th Annual Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine, Indianapolis, IN.

Professional Service

Workshop Instructor - Health Fitness Instructor Certification Review Course (HFI), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). (June, 2006- June 2007).

Evidence-Based Analyst, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). (July 2016- Present).


Department Service (All at Northern Illinois University)

Co-Director, Fitness Assessment, Consulting and Technology (FACT). (January, 2010 – September, 2012).

Chair, External Relations and Assessment: PRES Subcommittee. (August, 2011 – December, 2011).

Member, Student Engagement. (August, 2011 – December, 2011).
Chair, Internships and Public Outreach: PRES subcommittee. (August, 2010 – May, 2011). Secretary, Research and Artistry. (August, 2010 – December, 2010).
Secretary, Exercise Science (PRES) Program Committee. (January, 2010 – May, 2010). Member, Research and Artistry. (January, 2010 – May, 2010).
Secretary, Exercise Science (PRES) Program Committee. (August, 2009 – December, 2009). Research and Artistry. (August, 2009 – December, 2009).


Public Service

Program support, Department of Surgery, Bariatrics, Yale University Medical School, New Haven, CT (May, 2014 – July, 2015).

Evaluation support, Bright Bodies/ Smart Moves Program, Yale University Medical School, New Haven, CT (August, 2012 – June, 2014).

Community program planning, Get Healthy CT, City of New Haven, New Haven, CT (January, 2014 – June, 2014).

Research support for fundraising, 108 Monkeys (Yoga program for minority youth), New Haven, CT. (September, 2013 – December, 2013).

Program Organizer, Meals on Wheels and More (MOWAM), Austin, TX. (August, 2010 – December, 2013).

Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (FACSM; to be officially recognized, May, 2021).

Yale – New Haven Hospital COVID-19 Recognition Award ($1,650 monetary prize; April, 2020)

Honorary Keynote Award, Associação Brasileira do Psicologia do Esporte (November, 2017).

First place and $600 for presentation (with Guan, Jennifer X): Exercises to target the gluteus medius muscle during rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Presented at the Annual Conference of the Greater New York chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, Queens, NY. (April, 2015).

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Award, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). (July, 2012-July, 2014).

“Poster of the Year” Award for presentation: I’m stressed! I must/can’t exercise today! Effects of stage of change on physical activity and stress. 56th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Seattle, WA. (May, 2009).

USA Swimming Travel Award (May, 2007)

USA Swimming Travel Award (May, 2006)

Honorable Discharge, United States Marine Corps. (February, 2008).

George Zirkle Distinguished Award in Psychology, Hanover College. (monetary prize, May, 2001).

Fulbright Fellowship to Finland, United States Department of State. (July, 2003-June, 2004).

Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (2020 - Present).

Fulbright Alumni Association. (June 2004 - Present).

American College of Sports Medicine. (June 2002 - Present).

National Strength and Conditioning Association. (June 2002 - Present).

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