Greer, R D. (rdg13)

Greer, R. Douglas

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education

Office Location:

529G Building 528

Office Hours:

Mondays and Tuesdays 3:30-5

Educational Background

B.M.E., M.M.E., Florida State University; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Scholarly Interests

Verbal Behavior Development, Instruction by Language Development Interactions, Basic and Applied Sciences of Teaching, Social Conditioned Reinforcement

Selected Publications

Books (Current)

Greer, R. D. (2002). Designing teaching strategies: An applied behavior analysis systems approach. New York: Academic Press. Gary Phye (Series Editor), Educational Psychology Series: Critical Reviews of Research Knowledge, Theories, Principles, and Practices. (Selected to be available online as well as in print by Elsevier Press).

In Press

Greer, R. D., & Ross, D. E., (in press). Verbal behavior analysis: Developing and expanding complex communication in children severe language delays. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

In Progress

Greer, R. D., Ross, D., Singer-Dudek, J. Keohane, D., Nuzzolo, & Chavez-Brown, M. (In Progress). Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis: A Student-Centered Science of Instruction, Motivation, and Management (Tentative Title 12/26/04). Under Contract for Publication by Allyn & Bacon, Scheduled for Publication in 2007/8 Experimental Research Articles Published 2006 (as of February 2006)

Tsai, H. & Greer, R. D. (2006). Conditioned preference for books and faster acquisition of textual responses by preschool children. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions.3.1, 35-60. available online at

Longano, J. & Greer, R. D. (2006). The effects of a stimulus-stimulus pairing procedure on the acquisition of conditioned reinforcement for observing and manipulating stimuli by young children with autism. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Interventions, 3.1,135-150. Retrieved February 22 from

Pistoljevic, N. and Greer, R. D. (2006). The Effects of Daily Intensive Tact Instruction on Preschool Students' Emission of Pure Tacts and Mands in Non-Instructional Setting. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions, 103-120. Available

Schauffler, G. and Greer, R. D. (2006). The Effects of Intensive Tact Instruction on Audience-Accurate Tacts and Conversational Units and Conversational Units. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions, 120-132. Available online at

Reilly-Lawson, T. and Greer, R. D. (2006). Teaching the Function of Writing to Middle School Students with Academic Delays. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions, 151-169. Available online at Experimental Research Published in 2005

Greer, R. D., Stolfi, L., Chavez-Brown, M., & Rivera-Valdez, C. (2005). The emergence of the listener to speaker component of naming in children as a function of multiple exemplar instruction. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 21, 123-134.

Greer, R. D., Chavez-Brown, M.. Nirgudkar, A. S., Stolfi, L., & Rivera-Valdes, C. (2005). Acquisition of fluent listener responses and the educational advancement of young children with autism and severe language delays. European Journal of Behavior Analysis, 6 (2), xxxxx-xxx.

Greer, R. D., Yuan, L. & Gautreaux, G. (2005). Novel dictation and intraverbal responses as a function of a multiple exemplar history. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 21, 99-116.

Bahadorian, A. J. & Greer, R. D. (2005). CABAS parent education: Increasing child compliance via parental emission of unflawed commands and contingent consequations during child play. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions, 2, 213-221.

Karmali, I., Greer, R. D., Nuzzolo-Gomez, R., Ross, D. E., & Rivera-Valdes, C. Reducing Palilalia by Presenting Tact Corrections to Young Children with Autism. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 21, 145-154.

Keohane, D, & Greer, R. D. (2005). Teachers use of verbally governed algorithm and student learning. Journal of Behavioral and Consultation Therapy, 1 (3), 249-259. Available online at <

Singer-Dudek, J. & Greer, R.D. (2005). A long-term analysis of the relationship between fluency and the training and maintenance of complex math skills. The Psychological Record, 55, 361-376 New Conceptual Articles: (Published, 2005 or in press for 2006)

Greer, R. D. (2006). Summary and Commentary on D. and S. Premack's Original Intelligence. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 22, 111-118. Greer, R. D., Singer-Dudek, J, & Gautreaux, G. (In Press). Observational learning. Journal of International Psychology.

Greer, R. D. (2005). Opinion: The two subject matters of behavior analysis and early intervention. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions, 1 (2), 239-245.

Greer, R. D. & Chavez-Brown (2005). El Modelo CABAS. Magisteria Avemariano. 66-74.

Greer, R. D. & Keohane, D. D. (2005). The evolution of verbal behavior in young children. Behavioral Development Bulletin, 1, 31-48. To be reprinted in 2006 un the Journal of Speech and Language Pathology: Applied Behavior Analysis, Scheduled for Volume 1 (2).

Greer, R. D., & Ross, D. E. (2004). Research in the Induction and Expansion of Complex Verbal Behavior. Journal of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention. 1 (2). 141-165. Ross, D.

Award for the International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis by the Association for Behavior Analysis International, May 2005; Awarded The Fred S. Keller Distinguished Contributions to Education by the American Psychological Association (Awarded August 2000 at the Annual APA Convention in Washington DC); Distinguished Visiting Professor Schools of Psychology The Universities of Almeria and Grenada (Spain) Spring 2005; Award for Contributions to the Fred S. Keller School (hereafter to be called the R. Douglas Greer Award) April 2005; Selected to be Keynote Speaker for the Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Association of Psychology and Behavior Therapy (August 2005); Selected to be the Keynote Speaker for the Annual Meeting of the European Association for Behavior Analysis (September 2005); Selected to be the Keynote Speaker for the Annual Meeting of the Korean Association for Behavior Analysis (November 2005); Elected USA Representative to the European Association for Behavior Analysis Executive Council, Keynote Speaker, Keynote Speaker Israel Association for Behavior Analysis (January 2005) Keynote Speaker at Annual Meeting of Behavior Analysis in Ireland 2002; Adoption of the CABAS" Schooling System by seven schools in this country, Ireland (1999-), England (1997 and 1999 Jigsaw CABAS School) and Italy (OASI, 1989-91); Leaders in Education; Dictionary of International Biography; Who's Who in America; Who's Who in Science and Engineering; Who's Who in Education; Manchester Who's Who; Marquis Who's Who; Distinguished Visiting Professor: Ohio State University (1996), Guest Lecture the University of Bangor in Wales (1998), Oslo Norway College (December 2005), Visiting Professor at the Universities of Oviedo, Salamanca, and Cadiz in Spain (1998, 2000) and the Universities of Almeria and Grenada in Spring of 2005; Keynote Speaker the Spanish National Conference on Behavioral Disorders and Education (1998); Keynote Speaker Ohio State University Conference on Behavior Analysis and Education (1995); One of Four Keynote Speakers in the Week-Long Conference on the Science of Behavior and Education in honor of B. F. Skinner's 80th Birthday (Banff, Canada; 1984); Distinguished Dissertation: Horace Rackham School of Graduate Studies of the University of Michigan (1969),

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