Mahmoodi, Vinus (vm2607)

Venus Mahmoodi, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Medical Psychology (Columbia University)

Office Hours:

Please email to make an appointment.

Educational Background

PhD in Clinical Psychology - Palo Alto University/Stanford University

M.S. in Clinical Psychology - Palo Alto University/Stanford University

B.S. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry - University of San Francisco

Pre-Doctoral Internship - Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Icahn School of Medicine

    • Specialized training in childhood trauma treatment
    • Rotations in child psychology, childhood trauma, psychological assessments, and inpatient psychiatric care

Postdoctoral psychologist - Seleni Institute - Perinatal Mental Health clinical training

    • Clinically -Focused on pregnancy planning, conception, pregnancy, and postpartum mental health
    • Perinatal loss - miscarriage, stillbirth
    • Infertility

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Mahmoodi's clinical interests are in perinatal mental health, including perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, perinatal loss, and infertility. She is also specialized in childhood trauma and Muslim mental health. Her current clinical practice is at a Muslim mental health clinic, Khalil Center, which focuses on the wellbeing of Muslims, utilizing traditional psychological interventions as well as Islamically-integrated psychotherapy, and trauma treatment. She will shift her clinical practice at Columbia University Irving Medical Center's Faculty Practice in Oct 2021, where she will focus on reproductive mental health. 

Dr. Mahmoodi's research interests focus on the perinatal mental health, specifically low-resource populations in the United States and abroad. She is an Affiliate Scholar with the Global Mental Health lab where she collaborates on research focused on perinatal mental health and IPT treatment. Dr. Mahmoodi is also a research fellow with the AlKaram Institute where her areas of interest relate to the influence of spirituality and religiosity on the transition to motherhood and expectations among Muslim women living in the United States. 

Current Projects:

1. Conceptualizations of perinatal Loss in Muslim women in the United States - investigating an Islamically-integrated approach to addressing grief and distress related to miscarriage and stillbirth.  

2. Matrescence in Muslim women in the United States - investigating elements of faith that contribute to maternal flourishing and supporting women through their transition into motherhood.

3. COVID-19 and Muslim women's perinatal experiences -investigating the mental health and risk/protective factors of Muslim women associated with the COVID-19 pandemic 

For students interested in working on these projects, please email:


Mahmoodi - Spring 2022 - PMH Class

Syllabus for Perinatal Mental Health

CCPX 4125 - Mahmoodi Syllabus

Syllabus for Women and Mental Health Class

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