Games and Prototypes

Games and Prototypes

A game developed to teach systems thinking around the issue of climate change.  Teams of players take on the roles of science, economic and political advisors who must cooperate to address the issue of global warming - all while dealing with the scientific, economic and political ramifications of their choices.  Funded by the NSF and tested with middle-school students.  Development led by Chuck Kinzer and Michael Hillinger.

Designed to teach categorical mathematical thinking, this mat-based game incorporates movement into math.  Currently undergoing testing with middle-school students.  Developed by a student team (Dan Hoffman, Kuo-Hsun Hung, Devayani Tirthali, Selen Turkay).

A cell-phone game in which players must clear blocks to make a path for a moth to fly to the moon.  Grand-prize winner of Mobile Game Mosh 2006 at the Parsons School of Design, and featured in Business Week and MTV News.  Development led by Jessica Hammer, Dan Hoffman, and Lance Vikaros.

This mobile game has players hurrying from grocery store to grocery store in their neighborhood, discovering just how complex the economic landscape of food can be - even at the very local level.  Priced Out premiered at Come Out and Play 2008, a festival of street games.  Development led by Karen Schrier.

In this game, players control a tank that trundles through a variety of interactive environments.  By controlling the tank's movement and the angle of its gun, players learn about vectors and gravity effects.  Tank-Q won second place in the 2007 Hidden Agendaeducational game development contest, and is currently undergoing testing.  Developed by a student team (Alice Chen, Kuo-Hsun Hung, Selen Turkay).

This prototype explores the game design space around micro-lending.  Players take on the role of an aspiring entrepreneur and learn how small capital investments can change someone's life.  Developed by a student team (Erin Hoffman, Jin Kuwata, Cyrus Luhr).


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