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Nursing Education

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Orientation Information

Enrolled students will begin their doctoral student experience with a 4-day in-person orientation to the program that will occur in August prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.  All admitted students will be required to attend this orientation. During the orientation, students will be guided to plan their entire program of study. They will plan the types of experiences they most want to include in their courses and practica. They will be apprised of the courses where they will be required to find a suitable nursing education setting in which to complete some of the course objectives (e.g. Clinical Teaching in Nursing Education and Simulation in Nursing Education) and they will be instructed on the need to identify preceptors for Practicum I and Practicum II early in the program so that the credentials of the preceptors can be vetted, and the preceptors can receive information about what will be required. In 2021, this orientation will occur during the period of August 2, 2021 to August 6, 2021. Interested applicants should save this time period on their calendars. August in NYC is great!

Students will also be required to come to campus to take their Certification Exam after taking approximately 30 credits, and for their Dissertation Proposal Hearing, and for their Dissertation Defense at the end of their program.  And of course, students should also come for graduation!


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