There are currently 29.1 million Americans who have diabetes. It is estimated that by 2030, 439 million people worldwide will have a diagnosis of diabetes. Diabetes care is complex, individualized and in great demand. Our program was created to help busy professionals develop the knowledge and skills necessary to meet this increased demand for comprehensive, evidence-based, safe, and effective diabetes care.

Our program isn’t just about learning the science behind diabetes, it is about learning how to stand up and advocate for the right approach for each person who walks through your door. We meld courses about the physiology of diabetes with:

  • Behavior change theories
  • Leadership and critical thinking
  • Socio-cultural contextualization
  • Research development
  • Advocacy

Our students gain a full perspective of diabetes from the microscopic to the societal level. We emphasize person-centered, strengths-based and empowering approaches that lead to the best outcomes for people with diabetes. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to develop effective approaches for those in your care.

We know that clinical professionals are already busy making the world a better place. That’s why we’ve made our program flexible.

  • Choose between the master’s degree program or certificate program
  • The program is asynchronous, online-only and has no in-person requirements
  • Enroll in the program as a full or part-time student

Choose the program track that fits your career goals and then log in to complete your work when it is convenient for you. Our program helps you fit your dream of advancing your studies into your already packed schedule.

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