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The Hollingworth Center


International collaboration and outreach are an outgrowth of The Hollingworth Center’s two lab programs, its preschool and science camp.

This culturally responsive work situates the vision and practice of the Center across a variety of settings. Model programs, teacher education, and curriculum design build on the Center’s expertise in early childhood education and early science education. Hollingworth inspired programs led and cultivated by Teachers College alums who interned with the Center are established in nine countries with others underway. The Center also partners directly with international educators and organizations to develop robust and sustained offerings. Prior collaborations included Kenya and Pakistan with the current efforts focused on Latin America.

While the Center’s international partnerships are varied, the commonality among the programs is an invitation from the home country to join in a collaboration. The Center receives many requests and takes great care to accept only those with whom there is a shared mission, vision, and the goal for earnest collaboration. The goal is not to replicate the preschool or science camp, but rather bring the Center’s expertise to bear on the development and implementation of programs reflecting the culture of the home country.

The recent work of the Center focuses on a collaboration in Chile ranging from the urban location of Santiago in the center to the rural area of Patagonia in the south. In this country, the Center partners with its two inaugural Hollingworth Fellows, Teachers College alumna Maria Eugenia Rivera Matus and educator Anamaria Rivera. Drawing on the Center’s 36 years of work in inquiry based science education for young children, this project offers professional development for teachers, direct services to children, program design, curriculum development, and a residency program, under the leadership of Jacquelyn Durán, Director of Enrichment Services.