Applied Statistics MS

Master of Science in Applied Statistics

The M.S. in Applied Statistics provides training for a number of data-science positions in applied research settings, testing organizations, and businesses. The degree requires three semesters of full-time study, and students can complete the program in one year (fall/spring/summer). In addition to the satisfactory completion of coursework, an integrative project is required. 

A graduate student studies in the TC library using a book and her laptop.

Admissions Information

Master of Science

  • Points/Credits: 32
  • Entry Terms: Fall Only

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: N/A
  • Summer/Fall (Priority): January 15
  • Summer/Fall (Final): April 15

Supplemental Application Requirements/Comments

  • GRE General Test
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation, one (1) of which must be academic

Requirements from the TC Catalog

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Applied Statistics Core Courses (18 points):

The following courses are required (in special circumstances, substitute courses may be approved by an advisor.):

    • HUDM 4125 Statistical inference (3)

    • HUDM 5126 Linear models and regression analysis (3)*

    • HUDM 6026 Computational statistics (3)

    • HUDM 5150 Statistical Careers, Communications and Capstone (3)

and at least one of:

    • HUDM 5123 Linear models and experimental design (3)

    • HUDM 6030 Multilevel and longitudinal data analysis (3)

and at least one of:

    • HUDM 6055 Latent structure analysis (3)

    • HUDM 6122 Multivariate analysis (3)

*Under special circumstances HUDM 5122 may be substituted for HUDM 5126; advisor approval is required.

Statistics Electives (8 points):

Other advanced statistics courses offered by the program or by other departments/ schools of Columbia University may be selected, in consultation with an advisor, to complete the 18-point requirement. Examples of candidate courses include: HUDM 5059, HUDM 5124, HUDM 5130, and HUDM 5133.

Breadth Requirement (6 points):

At least 6 points must be taken at Teachers College from outside the program in Measurement, Evaluation, and Applied Statistics.

Culminating Experience:

A special project that is conducted in consultation with an advisor.

Transfer Credit:

For the M.S. degree, no transfer credit is granted for work completed at other universities.

*HUDM 5122: Our longstanding policy has been that students with previous stats courses **only at the undergraduate level** must take our HUDM4122 equivalency test.

Here is some information about waiving out of HUDM4122 / HUDM4120 in order to begin the statistics sequence with HUDM5122 Applied Regression Analysis.

Please note that a waiver from these introductory courses does not reduce the total number of points required for a TC degree. Please speak to your advisor about whether it would reduce the total number of statistics courses required by your program.

We sometimes give this waiver if a student can show evidence of successful completion of a comparable GRADUATE course at another institution (including both a transcript and a course syllabus). However, please note that students with previous stats courses **only at the undergraduate level** must take our HUDM4122 equivalency test.

The HUDM4122 equivalency test has three sections: Probability, Random Variables, and Statistical Inference. Tested topics include simple (applied) probability problems, simple descriptive statistics, sampling, and the nature of variables, expected value, random variables, basic statistical inference (including one and two group t tests, chi-square tests, and the F statistic).

You are allowed a calculator, but no access to computer software, nor books or notes. Formula sheets are provided with formulas for t, z, and chi-square tests, along with the corresponding tables of probability / critical values. Basic probability formulas and rules for random variables are also provided.

You are allowed up to three hours to take the test, but you should need less than 2 hours, in our estimation.

To schedule taking the HUDM4122 equivalency test, or for further information, please contact Amina Abdelaziz at (212 678-4150).

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