Applied Statistics MS

Master of Science in Applied Statistics

The M.S. in Applied Statistics provides training for a number of data-science positions in applied research settings, testing organizations, and businesses. The degree requires three semesters of full-time study, and students can complete the program in one year (fall/spring/summer). In addition to the satisfactory completion of coursework, an integrative project is required. 

MS MEAS Program Requirements 24-25

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Admissions Information

Displaying requirements for the Spring 2024, Summer 2024, and Fall 2024 terms.

Master of Science

  • Points/Credits: 32
  • Entry Terms: Fall

Application Deadlines

Entry Term AvailablePriority DeadlinesFinal DeadlinesExtended Deadlines
FallJanuary 15, 2024April 1, 2024N/A

Select programs remain open beyond our standard application deadlines, such as those with an extended deadline or those that are rolling (open until June or July). If your program is rolling or has an extended deadline indicated above, applications are reviewed as they are received and on a space-available basis. We recommend you complete your application as soon as possible as these programs can close earlier if full capacity has been met.

Application Requirements

 Online Degree Application, including Statement of Purpose and Resume
 Transcripts and/or Course-by-Course Evaluations for all Undergraduate/Graduate Coursework Completed
 Results from an accepted English Proficiency Exam (if applicable)
 $75 Application Fee
 Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
 GRE General Test
 One (1) letter of recommendation must be academic

Requirements from the TC Catalog (AY 2023-2024)

Displaying catalog information for the Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 terms.

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Applied Statistics Core Courses (18 points):

The following courses are required (in special circumstances, substitute courses may be approved by an advisor.):

  • HUDM 4125 Statistical inference (3)

  • HUDM 5126 Linear models and regression analysis (3)*

  • HUDM 6026 Computational statistics (3)

  • HUDM 5150 Statistical Careers, Communications and Capstone (3)

and at least one of:

  • HUDM 5123 Linear models and experimental design (3)

  • HUDM 6030 Multilevel and longitudinal data analysis (3)

and at least one of:

  • HUDM 6055 Latent structure analysis (3)

  • HUDM 6122 Multivariate analysis (3)

*Under special circumstances HUDM 5122 may be substituted for HUDM 5126; advisor approval is required.

Statistics Electives (8 points):

Other advanced statistics courses offered by the Program or by other Departments/ Schools of Columbia University may be selected, in consultation with an advisor, to complete the 18-point requirement. Examples of candidate courses include: HUDM 5059, HUDM 5124, HUDM 5130, and HUDM 5133.

Breadth Requirement (6 points):

At least 6 points must be taken at Teachers College from outside the Program in Measurement, Evaluation, and Applied Statistics.

Culminating Experience:

A special project that is conducted in consultation with an advisor.

Transfer Credit:

For the M.S. degree program, no transfer credit is granted for work completed at other universities.

Satisfactory Progress in MSAS Program Policy

Under College policy, no more than 3 points of C- may be credited toward any degree, certificate or diploma. Students who accumulate 8 points or more with grades of C- or lower may not continue study at the College and will not receive a degree or diploma.

The College also has a policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), available at, which spells out the academic standards necessary to maintain eligibility for federal financial aid. In addition to College policies, the MSAS program requires that students pass (with grades of A through C) all 6 required courses (i.e., HUDM 4125, 5126, 6026, 6122/6055, 6030/5123, 5150). A grade of C- or below in any of these core courses results in dismissal from the program. For statistics elective courses and breadth courses the College policy applies.

Satisfactory Progress for the M.S. degree program is a B or above.

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