Science Education PhD

Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education

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Admissions Information

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Points/Credits: 75
  • Entry Terms: Fall Only

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: N/A
  • Summer/Fall (Priority): December 1
  • Summer/Fall (Final): December 1

Supplemental Application Requirements/Comments

Requirements from the TC Catalog

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This program is designed to prepare students for leadership in science education. The program includes advanced preparation in science to develop both breadth and depth in science subject matter background. Preparation in research methods in science education, as well as study of recent developments in the broad field of professional education, is included in the program. Students should refer to the bulletin, Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, available from the Office of Doctoral Studies, for information on admission, residence, certification, examinations, and the dissertation.

The general requirement is for a minimum of 75 points of approved graduate credit, at least 45 points of which must be taken through Teachers College registration. In order that candidates become familiar with recent investigations in the broad fields of professional education, each program will include one or more courses in the nature of education and the nature of persons and the learning process.

In total, a minimum of 75 course points is required: A minimum of 15 points in breadth of science content courses, 15 points in core science education courses, 12 points in professional education courses, 12 points in research methodology courses, 3-6 points in technology courses, and 6 dissertation study points. This leaves a remaining 12-15 points of optional studies to be determined in consultation with the advisor.

Dissertation Requirements
In addition to all other guidelines, it should be noted that the dissertation must be a research thesis based on a theoretical rationale and must exhibit thorough and comprehensive mastery of a research discipline.

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