Wellness and Mental Health

Fostering more accessible, effective mental health and wellness opportunities can make our world more equitable and prosperous for everyone. That’s why our faculty, students and alumni are committed to furthering research, scholarship and policy across areas of health, nutrition, psychology, policy and more. Get involved, find resources and learn more about this critical work below.

TC on the Issues

Health Grads 2023 Hero

These TC Health Grads Aim to Ignite Change Beyond the Classroom

Explore how just a few of TC’s extraordinary 2023 health graduates are making an impact in healthcare, research and beyond

Psych Grads 2023

These TC Psychology Grads Want to Change the World

A snapshot of just some of the remarkable psychology grads in the TC Class of 2023

dean hope center hero istock

Inside the Community Mental Health Support at TC’s Dean Hope Center

Neighbors find resources while psychology students gain hands-on experience in patient care

Telehealth 2023 hero

Telehealth Isn’t Perfect Yet. These TC Faculty Are Working On It.

Advancing online therapy and support for patients with swallowing disorders are among needed improvements in the ongoing battle for better telehealth

student at track meet

The Science of Success

Critical takeaways from TC’s 2023 Annual Tisch Lecture, delivered by Visiting Professor Andrew J. Elliot

food insecurity gap hero

How Gender and Racial Inequity Impact Food Security

Alumna Jennifer Cadenhead, Executive Director of the Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, imparts her expertise on food security and underserved communities

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Project

Find research on mental health disparities in ethnic minority and immigrant youth populations, as well as information on teen self-harm and suicide.

Dean Hope Center for‌ Educational and Psychological Services

Gain affordable access to psychological services, including group therapy, administered by TC students under highly qualified supervisors.

Global Mental Health Lab

Explore our efforts to reduce the burden of mental illness and improve wellbeing in under-resourced communities around the world through research, training and service provision.

Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Learn about evidence-based science that examines the effects of spirituality across the lifespan.

Center for Cerebral Palsy Research

Participate in a study that will help us learn about the mechanisms underlying impaired hand and motor function in cerebral palsy, brain plasticity, trunk control and rehabilitation.

EXerT Clinic

Receive a personalized and tailored exercise program, nutrition counseling and various health tests from expert biobehavioral health clinicians.

Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education and Policy

Find wellness programs, professional development for teachers, nutrition education curriculum and ways to get involved in local advocacy to support healthier food for everyone.

Sex Education Initiative

Gain critical insight and training designed to help education and health professionals integrate reproductive life planning and reproductive justice paradigms into their work.

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