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Teachers College Selected Topics Self-Study

Timetable for the Self-Study and Evaluation




Summer 2013

President/Provost selects Steering Committee co-chairs

Fall 2013

Provost announces Middle States Self-Study Process

Steering Committee co-chairs attend MSCHE's Self-Study Institute (November 13-14)

Co-chairs, in consultation with faculty and administration, choose Teachers College self-study model

MSCHE staff liaison schedules self-study preparation visit to Teachers College

Spring 2014

First meeting of Steering Committee (February 19)

Steering Committee drafts Selected Topics Preliminary Proposal and submits it to MSCHE staff liaison (March 31)

Steering Committee determines types of working groups and charge questions (April 1-20)

Steering Committee drafts Self-Study Design Proposal and submits it to MSCHE staff liaison for review (April 28)

MSCHE staff liaison conducts self-study preparation visit and approves the Self-Study Design (May 8)

Summer 2014

Steering Committee revises Self-Study Design Proposal based on MSCHE staff liaison feedback (no revisions necessary)

Alumni Feedback Survey is administered (July)

Senior Staff discusses work to date at the Senior Staff Retreat (July 23)

Working groups begin work to address self-study questions (June-August)

Self-Study Process website is launched (August 31)

Fall 2014

Working groups involve the community in addressing self-study questions

Alumni Feedback Survey results shared with pilot programs (September)

Steering Committee conducts regular communication outreach to Teachers College Community (see Communication Plan)

Working group chairs present initial draft reports to Steering Committee meeting (December 10)

Steering Committee discusses and provides feedback on working group reports (December 10)

Winter 2015

MSCHE selects the evaluation team chair and Teachers College approves the selection

Chair and Teachers College select dates for team visit and for the Chair's preliminary visit

Teachers College sends Self-Study Design to the Chair

Spring 2015

Working groups incorporate Steering Committee’s feedback

Steering Committee conducts regular communication outreach to Teachers College Community

Working group chairs present revised reports to Steering Committee meeting (March 30)

Steering Committee integrates working group reports into draft Self-Study Report (May)

Summer 2015

Senior Staff reviews draft Self-Study Report at the annual retreat (July)

Steering Committee revises draft Self-Study Report based on feedback (August)

Fall 2015

Teachers College community and Board of Trustees review draft Self-Study Report (November)

Steering Committee revises a draft Self-Study Report based on feedback (November)

Teachers College sends a draft Self-Study Report to evaluation team Chair (November 2, 2015)

Team Chair makes preliminary visit at least four months prior to team visit (November 16, 2015)

Generalist evaluator conducts an early document review (November 12-13, 2015)

Teachers College prepares a final version of Self-Study Report

MSCHE appoints Evaluation Team

Winter 2016

Teachers College sends Self-Study Report to evaluation team and to MSCHE at least six weeks prior to team visit

Self-Study Report is available to TC community on the website

Spring 2016

Team visit (March 9-11, 2016)

Evaluation Team sends report to Teachers College

Teachers College responds to Evaluation Team Report with factual corrections

Team Chair sends formal report to MSCHE

Summer 2016

Committee on Evaluation Reports meets

Commission action