Pre-Active Parkinson’s Disease (Pre-Active PD)

Pre-Active Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

This study implements an occupational therapist delivered physical activity (PA) behavior change coaching intervention in people with early-stage Parkinson's disease (PD). This study is based upon a recent single arm cohort feasibility study (Pre-Activate PD/HD) that evaluated acceptability, implementation, and resulting effect estimates of the Pre-Activate PD intervention in 13 participants (Clinical Trials Registration NCT03696589) (Long, 2020).

The intervention provides one-on-one coaching sessions from an occupational therapist to individuals newly diagnosed with PD. The individualized structured support in the sessions is aimed to facilitate and optimize exercise uptake as part of an effective self-management program. Preliminary findings suggest that Pre-Active PD may be feasible and acceptable, and may improve exercise levels, self-efficacy, motivation, and planned PA. Future research is needed to address limitations and evaluate comparative effectiveness in larger sample sizes. This study randomizes people with early-stage PD into an intervention group and control group, and compares the outcomes between the two groups.


Project Leads: Lori Quinn Katrina Long 

Project Coordinator: Danielle Kipnis

Project Members: Jehan Alomar Maya Campbell Kelsey Kempner Chelsea Macpherson  

Alissa Pacheco


Trial Registration 

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