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Supervisors are resources for the student teacher, as well as for the cooperating teacher, and they serve as liaisons between the university and the field. Supervisors act as critical friends by observing and supporting student teachers' work with children/adolescents several times each semester, and providing feedback and suggestions to student teachers to help them improve, analyze or re-think their practice.  Student teaching supervision may include practices such as remote observations and remote support sessions. 

In addition to providing oral and written feedback on lesson plans and their application, supervisors offer experienced and objective perspectives on overall classroom effectiveness, including classroom management, student response and the student teacher's presence and instruction in the classroom. In addition, supervisors work in concert with student teachers to identify specific areas of challenge or interest. In this way, student teachers are able to participate in their own learning and make decisions about particular goals they wish to address.

Resources & Forms

Introductory Power Point

Introductory Power Point for Supervisors

Supervisor Packet

The supervisor packet contains key documents, information, and forms for student teaching supervisors. 

Supervisor Packet

Supervisor Handbook

The Supervisor Handbook, co-written by teacher educators here at Teachers College, offers tools and guidance to support supervisors in their rich and purposeful work with student teachers and partner schools. 

Supervisor Handbook 

TC Student Teaching Evaluation

The TC Student Teaching Evaluation was co-constructed by a team of teacher educators here at Teachers College, with the support of TC's Office of Accreditation and Assessment. It is a required final evaluation tool for student teachers in teacher education programs across the college; please consult your program faculty for details on the use of this tool in your program.

TC Student Teaching Evaluation*

*In fall 2020, we added a light overlay of "look fors" that can support the use of this tool in remote contexts.  



List of Support Sessions Form

At the end of each semester, supervisors must submit a "List of Support Sessions" form to the Office of Teacher Education. This serves as confirmation that the supervisor conducted the anticipated number of support sessions, and it is required for the dispersal of final payments.

List of Support Sessions Form (Word)

Travel Reimbursement for Visits to School Sites

OTE provides up to $50 of travel reimbursement for each student teacher each semester.  See below for policies and documentation resources.  Student teaching supervisors who physically visit partner schools should touch base with the Cooperating Teacher about protocols for visitors before entering the building.  In addition, we recognize that some student teaching supervisors or partner sites may prefer that field observations take place remotely, and all programs have been provided with access to digital observation tools for this purpose.


Chrome River Guide

All employees of Teachers College must use the Chrome River platform to seek reimbursement for business travel. This includes OTE-funded student teaching supervisors, who often travel to complete observations in the field. This guide is designed specifically for supervisors, and is intended to help you apply for and receive reimbursement for your supervision travel.

Chrome River Guide (Word)

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NYC MTA Public Transit Travel Log

If supervisors are seeking reimbursement for travel on the NYC subway system or bus system, the NYC MTA Travel Log can be submitted within Chrome River, in lieu of a receipt. For all other qualified travel expenses, actual receipts must be submitted.

NYC MTA Travel Log for Chrome River

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