Adult Education Guided Intensive Study EdD

Doctor of Education in Adult Education Guided Intensive Study AEGIS

AEGIS is a highly selective, fast-track cohort program leading to an Ed.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership. The program is designed for experienced, self-directed, midcareer professionals who work full time, and who choose to pursue a doctorate in a rigorous, concentrated format. The program emphasizes leadership for adult education and organizational learning.

Scholar-practitioners are helped to examine and critique theory and professional experience. Course work is completed over a two-year period. A new cohort is recruited every other year, with the next new cohort starting in the Summer of 2022. 

Participants attend a concentrated two-week session at Teachers College in each of the three summers. During the academic year, students meet for Friday evening and Saturday seminars, four times each semester, for a total of four semesters. The dissertation process takes at least another year and a half to two years following completion of course work.

Certification exam is taken on-site following the summer session – additional day in August included in the summer session in the second year.

For the AEGIS Ed.D., 39 graduate credits from an accredited graduate program/institution with a grade of B or better can be transferred from outside of TC or 39 graduate credits taken at TC with a grade of B or better MUST BE TRANSFERRED into the program; the remaining 51 graduate credits are earned through the program.

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Certification Guide 

A group of students converse in a study group at Teachers College.

Admissions Information

Doctor of Education

  • Points/Credits: 90
  • Entry Terms: Even Year Summer Only; Available 2022

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: N/A
  • Summer/Fall (Priority): November 1
  • Summer/Fall (Final): January 5

Supplemental Application Requirements/Comments

Requirements from the TC Catalog

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AEGIS students must complete 39 graduate credits at an accredited institution taken prior to beginning of the AEGIS program; either transfer credits or TC credits. AEGIS students fulfill the remaining 51 course points at Teachers College in a structured program that provides required courses in three areas: theory, research, and the study of professional practice in various settings where adults learn. For the final phase of the program, students must pass a certification examination, write a qualifying paper, and complete a dissertation.

First Year: (22 points)

Summer (Two-week session)

  • ORLD 6800 Workshop in adult education: Life history (2)

  • ORLD 6902 Pro-seminar in adult education (3)

  • ORLD 6908 Adult development (3)


  • ORLD 6800 Workshop in adult education: Literacy/ABE (1)

  • ORLD 6908 Adult education/learning: Theory and practice (3)

  • ORLD 6918 Introduction to research (3)


  • ORLD 6800 Workshop in adult education: Strategic advocacy (1)

  • ORLD 6903 Qualitative research (3)

  • ORLD 6906 Program development (3)

Second Year: (26 points)

Summer (Two-week session)

  • ORLD 6908 Advanced seminar: Leadership in adult education (3)

  • ORLD 6918 Literature review (3)

  • ORLJ 5340 Basic practicum in conflict resolution (3)


  • HUD 4120 Methods of empirical research (3)

  • ORLD 6914 Learning communities I (2)

  • ORLD 6918 Advanced research seminar (3)


  • ORLD 6800 Workshop in adult education: Technology in organizations (1)

  • ORLD 6908 Workshop on workplace and organizational learning (3)

  • ORLD 6915 Learning communities II (virtual) (2)

  • ORLD 6918 Advanced research seminar (3)

Third Year: (3 points)

Summer (Two-week session)

  • ORLD 6800 Workshop in adult education: Capstone (1)

  • ORLD 6916 Learning communities III (2)

AEGIS course offerings vary from cohort to cohort. Please see the most recent Program of Study Advisement Guide (located on the Adult Learning and Leadership program website as a PDF file) for current core sequence requirements.

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