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ORL 4003 Crisis intervention

Study of general crisis phenomena within the framework of crisis intervention theory. Analysis of individual, family, and community dynamics.

ORL 4011 Personnel management in healthcare

Examination and application of personnel management and human relations theory in the healthcare organization. Includes human resource utilization, problem solving, comunications theory, and evaluation performance. Special fee: $25.

ORL 4014 Legal issues in healthcare organizations

Laws, administrative regulations, and pertinent case law affecting healthcare organizations. Theories of power, politics, and labor relations applied. Local, state, and federal impact on healthcare included. Special fee: $25.

ORL 4054 Leadership and management in healthcare organizations

Critical analysis of theory and research in organizational behavior, leadership, and management as it relates to the role of healthcare executives. Critique of the executive's role as it relates to these theories. Special fee: $25.

ORL 5551 Ethics for healthcare professionals

Review of ethical issues in healthcare and healthcare delivery.

ORL 6011 Advanced system management

Managing systems requires the generation of useful information for decision-making. This course focuses on using information for strategic planning and management of systems in healthcare.

ORL 6500 Qualitative research

This course is an introduction to qualitative research methods—conceptualization, design and data collection procedures–with a special focus on organizational study. Students will formulate qualitative problem statements and research questions; design a qualitative study guided by an interactive model and consideration of five different approaches; learn to use observation, interviewing, focus groups, and archival data resources; and apply design and data collection skills by undertaking a pilot research study. Consideration will be given to conceptual frameworks, ethical considerations, field work, sampling, and data management. This course requires a minimum of 27 hours per week of out of classroom work.

ORLD 4051 How adults learn

This course provides a sophisticated introduction to the field of adult learning and its relationship to adult development and how these principles can be used to support learning across various types of organizations. Students will learn how to practically operationalize the science of human development in their instructional design, facilitation and experiential learning, and assessment and course evaluations. The course takes a design thinking approach to learning, enabling students to engage with prominent models of human development and learning in a hands-on and practical way, grounding their learning through action and lived experience.

ORLD 4053 Facilitating adult learning

In-depth consideration of issues, strategies, and methods for facilitating adult learning. Theory is considered in relationship to practice. Methods are identified that are suited to adult learning in different settings, and to the role played by groups in individual to team learning. No prerequisites required, but learning is enhanced when taken following ORLD 4051.

ORLD 4844

This workshop will explore different methods and contexts for facilitating adult learning. Participants will be encouraged to explore their own experiences as learners and facilitators and to consider how these experiences might help them to reframe their practice. This highly interactive course will examine what counts as an adult educational approach to learning, the emotional rhythms of learning and what adult students look for in their teachers.

ORLD 5055 Staff Development and Training

Introductory course covering the organization, management, and instructional process involved in staff training and development programs in business, industry, unions, healthcare institutions, government, and other noncollegiate settings. Current developments, innovative practices, and issues.

ORLN 4005 Theories of nursing

Theoretical foundations of nursing. Critical analysis of theories that explain the nature of nursing practice.

ORLN 4013 Fiscal management of the nursing organization

Focus is the fiscal impact of providing nursing services. Management information systems, organizing human and material resources, and assessing the cost and quality of nursing services are studied. Health organization finance and nursing budgeting are included.

ORLN 4050 Health problems and issues in society

Political and economic concepts influencing the delivery of healthcare services. Consideration of health issues facing the public and possible courses of action.

ORLN 5000 Nursing science

Prerequisite: ORLN 4005. Examination of emerging issues in nursing research and healthcare. Relevance to theory development and health policy are emphasized.

ORLN 5005 Interdisciplinary theory in nursing

Prerequisites: ORLN 4005, ORLN 4050, or equivalent. Evaluation of the utility of theories and models from related disciplines in posing research problems in nursing. Focus on strategies of concept analysis and theory derivation.

ORLN 5010 Administration of a nursing organization

Prerequisite: ORL 4054. Analysis and application of administrative theory and structure to the nurse executive role. Analysis of fit of models to the nursing administrative task. Application of management by objectives, quantitative decision theory, and other models in the nursing administrative function.

ORLN 5011 Designing, planning, and monitoring the healthcare system

Prerequisite: ORL 4054. Corequisites or prerequisites: ORLN 4005, ORLN 4013, and ORLN 5010. Identification and analysis of organization and planning theories applicable to the nursing care system. Development of design models based on analyses of current and predictable healthcare needs of society and the nursing market. Ability to assess architectural plans as they impact on nursing care delivery.

ORLN 5013 Informatics in nursing

Focus on computerized management information systems, computer-based analysis of decision alternatives, assessing nursing care quality and cost-effectiveness, and other feedback mechanisms specific to the nursing organization. Special fee: $50.

ORLN 5040 Methods in nursing research

Prerequisites: ORLN 4005, ORLN 5000. Analysis of hypothetical generation, study designs, and data collection methods in nursing research with emphasis on application to practice.

ORLN 5043 Nursing research development

Prerequisites: ORLN 4005, ORLN 5040, or equivalents. Philosophical foundations of empirical and naturalistic inquiry methods are examined with reference to developing a domain-significant research problem. Emphasis given to clarification to study design within interdisciplinary knowledge relevant to nursing.

ORLN 5230 Fieldwork in nursing education

Permission required. Supervised practice in teaching nurse learners in one or more settings: classroom, clinical and/or practice.

ORLN 5530 Clinical Teaching and Evaluation

Inquiry in effective strategies for teaching and evaluating students in the laboratory setting. Analysis, or theory and related research.

ORLN 5908 Independent study in professional nursing

Permission required. Individual, guided learning experience at the master's level in a selected aspect of professional nursing. Topic agreed upon between student and faculty.

ORLN 5910 Independent study in nursing administration

Permission required. Individual, guided learning experience at the master's level in a selected aspect of nursing administration. Topic agreed upon between student and faculty.

ORLN 6014 Managing the socially responsible organization

Analysis of selected social, economic, and political megatrends that have or will continue to influence the direction of change in the healthcare industry. The process of analysis is intended to serve as a conceptual framework for the categorization of discrete trends affecting the management of nursing services and programs.

ORLN 6501 Seminar in professional nursing

Prerequisites: Two courses in nursing professionalism and/or history. Examination of selected professional nursing problems or domain in depth. Course may be repeated for credit if different topics are covered.

ORLN 6511 Innovations in nursing management

Prerequisites: ORL 4054, ORLN 4011, ORLN 5010. Selected innovations in nursing, other health disciplines and management science are analyzed regarding underlying processes for translating new knowledge into successful practice. Special fee: $10.

ORLN 6514 Marketing nursing programs

Prerequisites: ORL 4054, ORLN 5010. Analysis of marketing concepts and principles of strategic planning as they relate to nurse executive role in health service industry.

ORLN 6522 Policy formation and governance in healthcare

Policy formation and governance within nursing organizations and within the larger institution of which they are a part. Exploration of external and internal influences on policy formation in nursing.

ORLN 6540 Seminar on dissertation design development

Permission required. Prerequisites: ORLN 4005, ORLN 5005, ORLN 5043, statistics, and certification. Required of all doctoral candidates. Group critique of dissertation proposals; focus on beginning to intermediate aspects of analysis of theory and research design. This course may be repeated as often as necessary until the student is ready for the departmental examination. Once ORLN 6540 is taken, continuous fall/spring enrollment in this course, in ORLN7900, or in ORLN 8900 is required until the semester during which the departmental examination is held.

ORLN 6541 Advanced seminar on dissertation design development

Permission required. Prerequisite: ORLN 6540 and certification. Focus on advanced aspects of research design and method.

ORLN 6635 Colloquium in nursing education

Prerequisite: Determined by professor based on topic selected. Examination of selected problems in nursing education practice and administration. Course may be repeated for credit if a different topic is covered.

ORLN 6908 Independent study in professional nursing

Permission required. Individual, guided learning experience at the doctoral level in a selected aspect of professional nursing. Topic agreed upon between student and faculty.

ORLN 6910 Independent study in nursing administration

Permission required. Individual, guided learning experience at the doctoral level in a selected aspect of nursing administration. Topic agreed upon between student and faculty.

ORLN 6930 Independent study in nursing education

Permission required. Individual, guided learning experience at the doctoral level in a selected aspect of nursing education. Topic agreed upon between student and faculty.

ORLN 6940 Independent study in nursing research

Permission required. Allows student to contract with an individual faculty member for research-related work in a defined area of study, including dissertation development.

ORLN 7500 Dissertation seminar in nursing

Permission required. Prerequisite: ORLN 6540 and certification. The departmental examination, involving presentation of dissertation proposal for faculty approval. This course is required of all certified doctoral candidates and may be taken only once. If the student is unable to satisfactorily complete the departmental examination during the semester in which enrolled, an incomplete is given and is removed when student completes all requirements for the departmental examination.

ORLN 7900 Directed dissertation research

Permission required. Prerequisites: ORLN 6540 and ORLN 6541. All doctoral students eligible for this course must register for this course every semester during completion of the dissertation. This course may be repeated as often as necessary upon advice of the advisor.

ORLN 8900 Dissertation advisement in nursing

Individual advisement on doctoral dissertation following completion of all course work and programmatic course requirements, upon advisement by Faculty advisor. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. For continuous requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D. degree.

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