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Class Recording Policy

Policy on recording remote and on-campus classes.

Owner: Provost

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Class Recording Policy

To make course content accessible to students enrolled in a course, it is possible to record remote and on-campus classes. If a course is being recorded, students will be informed in advance (either at the beginning of class, in the syllabi, or posting in the classrooms). Course recordings are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Recordings are required to remain in the course where they were made, accessible by only the faculty member or students enrolled in the course at the time of the recording. Anyone who is enrolled in the class may have access to the recording for the duration of the semester. Zoom recordings may be accessible for a reasonable period of time after the semester ends, however all Zoom recordings are automatically deleted after one year. 

Instructors can choose to structure Zoom video recordings so that only the instructor's voice and image are accessible. For in-person classes, based on the specific technology and room, an area may be designated for students who do not wish to be recorded. This option is not always available and depends on the specific technology and classroom setup.  Students who do not wish to have their voices recorded are encouraged to write and submit comments or questions directly to the faculty member. 

Students who receive access to a recording of a class may not download the recording to a computer or other electronic device.  Students are prohibited from distributing the recording, or any portion thereof or transcript of it to anyone else. If a student is found to have downloaded or shared a recording in violation of this policy, the student will be subject to sanctions for academic and general misconduct, including a failing grade for the course.  

Any other use of class recordings beyond the class requires written permission from the College, the faculty member and the students (and anyone else recorded). Class recordings cannot be used beyond the semester in which the class is taught or for uses not directly associated with the course.


Responsible Office: Provost

Effective Date: June 1, 2021

Last Update: September 2021

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