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Course Syllabi Policy

Owner: Provost

Course Syllabi Policy


A syllabus should be prepared for each course at the College. As per NYSED regulations concerning course syllabi, a course syllabus minimally includes:

  • Course description – course title, number, and description
  • Learning objectives of the course – statements about knowledge, skills, and attitudes that course participants are expected to exhibit following instruction
  • Prerequisites – academic prerequisites and prior knowledge/skill requirements (e.g. a working knowledge of statistical software)
  • Credits allocated – if the course is offered for variable points, a clear statement of the differentiation of course requirements for each point value
  • Description of curriculum content, readings, major activities, including a schedule with topics and readings for individual class sessions
  • Assignments – course requirements (written papers, projects, group work, etc.)
  • Method of assessing student achievement of learning objectives, including the assessment rubrics at the course and project levels
  • Basis of grade determination
  • Bibliographic and other resources
  • Other course policies related to integrity of credit (e.g. for a fieldwork course, an additional course policy might be professionalism while in the field)
  • Contact information and office hours for the instructor. Guidelines for office hours: Office hours must be posted and maintained each semester when a faculty member or lecturer is teaching. Open office hours must be held for a minimum of 3 hours, split between 2 days.  Additional by-appointment office hours (e.g., for doctoral advisement) might also be necessary. Adjuncts/Instructors must hold office hours of one hour for every class which they teach.
  • A schedule of class meeting times which meets NY State minimum requirements
  • For courses that have a distance-learning component, expectations for completing the minimum credit hour requirement
  • If the course has a fee, approved by the Department Chair, include a statement explaining the purpose of the course fee


The Provost and Dean of the College in conjunction with the Faculty have adopted the following statements to be included on all Teachers College syllabi.


  1. Accommodations – The College will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities (OASID) for information about registration. You can reach OASID by email at, stop by 301 Zankel Building or call 212-678-3689. Services are available only to students who have registered and submit appropriate documentation.  As your instructor, I am happy to discuss specific needs with you as well.  Please report any access-related concerns about instructional material to OASID and to me as your instructor.
  2. Incomplete Grades – For the full text of the Incomplete Grade policy please refer to Grades
  3. Student Responsibility for Monitoring TC email account – Students are expected to monitor their TC email accounts. For the full text of the Student Responsibility for Monitoring TC email account please refer to Responsibility for Monitoring TC Email Account
  4. Religious Observance – For the full text of the Religious Observance policy, please refer to
  5. Sexual Harassment and Violence Reporting – Teachers College is committed to maintaining a safe environment for students. Because of this commitment and because of federal and state regulations, we must advise you that if you tell any of your instructors about sexual harassment or gender-based misconduct involving a member of the campus community, your instructor is required to report this information to the Title IX Coordinator, Janice Robinson.  She will treat this information as private but will need to follow up with you and possibly look into the matter.  The Ombuds Officer is a confidential resource available for students, staff, and faculty, including matters concerning “Gender-based Misconduct”. “Gender-based misconduct” includes sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and gender-based harassment.  For more information, see The TC Ombuds Officer may be reached at or 212-678-4169.
  6. Emergency Plan – TC is prepared for a wide range of emergencies. After declaring an emergency situation, the President/Provost will provide the community with critical information on procedures and available assistance. If travel to campus is not feasible, instructors will facilitate academic continuity through Canvas and other technologies, if possible.
  1. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are set to receive email notifications from TC and communications from their instructor at their TC email address.
  2. Within the first two sessions for the course, students are expected to review and be prepared to follow the instructions stated in the emergency plan.
  3. The plan may consist of downloading or obtaining all available readings for the course or the instructor may provide other instructions.


Finally, faculty may want to consider including a statement on academic integrity. A template for a statement on academic integrity is below.

Students who intentionally submit work either not their own or without clear attribution to the original source, fabricate data or other information, engage in cheating or misrepresentation of academic records may be subject to charges.  Sanctions may include dismissal from the college for violation of the TC principles of academic and professional integrity fundamental to the purpose of the College.


Copies of all syllabi must be provided to the department’s Director of Academic Administration.  A course syllabus is distributed only to students enrolled in the course or to potential students.  All other requests for copies of syllabi should be granted only with the permission of the instructor.


Last Updated:  September 1, 2020

Responsible Office:  Vice Provost

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