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Exemption for Degree Requirements - Master's

Policy and procedures regarding exemption for Master's Program degree requirements.

Owner: Enrollment Management

Tags: Student Affairs

The Subcommittee on Student Petitions for Exemptions from Degree Requirements, a committee of the Faculty, has the responsibility of ruling on student petitions for exemption from master’s degree breadth and recency requirements and for readmission to the College after denial on the basis of poor scholarship. Any special requirements established by departments are subject to the jurisdiction of the department concerned. The general residence requirements for degrees or for acceptance of transfer credit for the Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees cannot be waived.
Procedure: The petitioner first submits a formal request for waiver to his/her academic department. The department, after determining whether to support or oppose the petition, forwards it to the Subcommittee via the Registrar, with a recommendation of the department which may be in support of or opposed to the petition. The Subcommittee takes into account the information and interpretation from both the petitioner and from the department and makes a ruling. There is no appeal from this ruling. The Registrar serves as the staff member for this Subcommittee and can provide any information needed concerning procedures and policies.


Updated: September 2017

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