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Unsupported Operating System Retirement

Describes requirements for operating system updates and retirement of operating systems and devices that reach End of Life.

Owner: Information Technology



The purpose of this policy is to ensure a secure, modern, supported computing environment for Teachers College, Columbia University.



This policy applies to all students, staff, faculty members, officers, employees, and affiliates of Teachers College, Columbia University, including extended learning sites, guests, tenants, visitors, contractors, consultants, vendors, individuals authorized by affiliated institutions and organizations, and all others granted use of and/or access to Teachers College, Columbia University technology resources and data.



Operating system updates are released in cycles to include the latest security, features, enhancements, bug fixes, and hardware available in the constantly evolving technology landscape. With each new release of an upgraded operating system, older versions become deprecated and unsupported by their manufacturers. These End of Life (EoL) operating systems become more susceptible to failure and cybersecurity threats as they reach this phase of existence. To maintain a safe computing environment that enhances technology usage in a secure manner at Teachers College, Columbia University, any EoL operating system is not permitted to run on the College’s technology infrastructure if deemed insecure. Where available, the EoL operating system will be upgraded to a supported version that meets the needs of the device and end user(s). If an upgrade path is not available, replacement of the device with a currently supported operating system will be required for continued access to the College’s technology infrastructure. 


Note: Personal devices are the responsibility of the individual to maintain a supported and updated operating system.  Devices with an unsupported operating system that are attempting to access TC digital resources can be prevented from accessing TC’s network until the device is updated or replaced.


Responsible Office: Teachers College Information Technology 

Effective Date: October 1, 2020

Last Updated: July 13, 2020

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