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Increasing College Access for All

Welcome to the College Advising Initiative at Teachers College! Established in 2017, this initiative aims to assist school counselors and educational paraprofessionals as they provide advisement and counseling to students considering higher education and social advocates in reducing disparities in higher education. Explore our site to learn more!

About The Initiative

Ensuring that all students can access higher education 

School counselors, college access professionals, other educators, and community stakeholders play an integral role in the college application process.

With a special emphasis on aiding high-need students, this program infuses social justice and multicultural tenets in all aspects of its mission and outreach. The college advising initiative aims to:

Pathways to Success: Ways to Engage in the Initiative

Advanced Certificate

Immerse Yourself in College Advising

Teachers Colleges offers two paths that provide targeted curriculum in college advising, improve professional competence, and increase college opportunities for all high school students. First, students can enroll in a for-credit 12-point graduate level advanced certificate in , offered online and in person.  This certificate is the first of its kind in New York State and introduces students to world-renowned curriculum and instruction on topics such as college advising, vocational planning, and more.

Continuing Education

College Advising Information for the Busy Educator

For busy professionals seeking a non-credit continuing education offering, there is the option of . This asynchronous online non-credit continuing education course allows students to engage in a learning community as they gain knowledge about the nuts and bolts of college advisement. Taught by certified school counselors, this program has more than 200 graduates and is provided in collaboration with Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and National Association for College Admission Counseling.

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