Okta Single Sign-On

Okta Single Sign-On


Teachers College has rolled out a new single sign-on (SSO) authentication method that enables users to securely log in to multiple TC applications and services with your UNI and a single password, without re-entering your credentials. TC has migrated from the current SSO environment to Okta, a leader among Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

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What's Changing

The following applications and services are affected.

myTC Portal

The login page for the myTC portal and other web-based applications that use TC SSO will look a bit different. Your username will continue to be your UNI, but you will set a new password when you first log into Okta.

Computer Login

For Staff with TC-issued computers, your computer and myTC will now share the same username and password. Use your UNI as your username even if you previously used your last name. 


You will use your UNI and your new Okta password to access Global Protect VPN (virtual private network), which allows you to securely access your TC on-campus resources from anywhere virtually.


All faculty, staff, and students should use TC-Secure for WiFi on the Teachers College campus. TC-Secure will use your UNI and your Okta password.


  • Use TC-Secure for WiFi instead of Eduroam on the Teachers College campus - TC-Secure will require your Okta password.
  • Use Eduroam for WiFi on the Columbia University and Barnard campuses - Eduroam will require your Columbia password.

Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo)

Duo, TC’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, will now be required for all staff and students when accessing TC applications. Okta integrates with Duo to provide an additional layer of protection in securing your identity and preventing resources from being accessed by bad actors. If you do not already have a Duo account, please enroll using this user guide: Duo Self-Enrollment

Columbia Applications

The following Columbia-hosted applications will continue to use the Columbia-issued password, which can be managed via the Manage My UNI page. Your username for these applications will continue to be your UNI.

  • PawPrint
  • Columbia Recreation/Gym
  • Columbia Health Patient Portal
  • Columbia Dining Plan Management
  • CU Libraries


Yes, Duo multi-factor authentication is now required for all users at TC as it is required for Okta. Duo provides added security to protect your identity. Follow these instructions to activate your Duo account: Duo Self-Enrollment

Most web-based applications will require an Okta password including: Google Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.), Canvas, Banner, ServiceNow, etc. TC-owned computers, the myTC portal, VPN, and TC-Secure WiFi also require an Okta password.

Your username will be your UNI for: your TC-issued computer login, TC's web-based applications, myTC portal, TC-Secure WiFi, and VPN (Global Protect).


If you need to reset your Okta password, after you have already activated your account and set your initial password, follow these instructions to reset your password: Resetting Your Okta Password or visit the ServiceNow self-service home page > click on the "Password Reset" link > select "TC Password Reset" for your Teachers College password or "CU Password Reset" for your Columbia University password.

User Guides

Okta is live! Here are some user guides to get you started:

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