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Job Search & Career Resources

To teach in a NYCDOE school, you must create an account with

Useful resources to support alums in this process are:

As alums engage in the job search process, exploring the NYC DOE and UFT websites is important. These websites will provide alums with important information about salary, benefits, a teacher's rights, etc., which will be important to be aware of as alums talk with principals and other school representatives about working for them.

Standing Out

Whether you're thinking about a job interview, demo lesson, or just trying to figure out what school might be a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to us. Keep in mind some of the structures and learning experiences from TR@TC that will make you stand out:

  • Dual Certification (Content + SWD/SPED)
  • Preparation in a residency program
  • Experience with educational technology
  • Experience working with Teaching Artists and other professionals
  • Membership in professional learning communities
  • Two years of TR@TC-sponsored induction support after graduation

The process of applying for a job within NYCDOE can be daunting and confusing; however, all TR@TC Residents receive job counseling during their final semester to make this process less intimidating and stressful. Here are a few resources shared with all TR@TC Alumni as they prepare to find a teaching position upon graduation:

Learn about the different types of schools within NYC:

Things to consider as you find the right school environment for you: 

  • Workload
  • Contribution to community and usefulness of my expertise (keeping in mind growth)
  • Instructional Responsibilities
  • Autonomy
  • Expectations
  • Access to Resources
  • Budgetary Discretion
  • Comfort with students, staff, faculty, and administration
  • Location/commute
  • Schedule
  • Instructional style preferences
School Structure
  • Community presence/voice
  • Physical space
  • Age of school
  • School culture
  • School philosophy
  • Approach to/models of curriculum and instruction
  • Resources available
  • Funding available
  • Presence of administration on a day-to-day basis
  • Language, common phrases, discourse that you see and hear in the school
  • Diversity of staff (age, experience/expertise, background, etc.)
  • Professional Development
  • Rapport
  • Cohesion, unity, ownership of space
  • Approach to learning (of students, teachers, etc.)
  • Teacher autonomy/expectations
  • Student autonomy/expectations
  • Trust between stakeholders
  • Flexibility
  • Decision Making structures

UFT Corner

Most of our alumni are employed by the NYCDOE and are as a result, United Federation of Teachers members, which has numerous advantages and perks, some of which are listed below:

Priority Links

Top 5 Things to Do Your First Year

Fall is a very busy season for teachers, especially new ones. Since new teachers are very busy, this often means new teachers put off leveraging all resources available to them:

  1. Meet with your Chapter Leader and ask about the DOE Portal and Pension Account,
  2. Register for a Tenure PD with the DOE,
  3. Set up your DOE Wageworks account,
  4. Get your UFT ID Card, and
  5. Visit and create your profile, check out employee discounts, and learn about professional development offerings.

Are You Tenure-Ready?

Teachers begin their careers on probation, and for tenure, they are generally eligible by their fourth year. Tenure isn’t automatically granted; to be granted tenure, you must:

  • Be on track to complete all your state certification and city licensing requirements;
  • apply and receive professional certification;
  • have a record of acceptable service during your probationary period; and
  • be recommended for tenure by your principal.

Your tenure becomes permanent only after you complete all your certification requirements. Visit and sign up for a Tenure PD. Stay on track!


Applying for Professional Certification

You have five years from the date of your initial teaching certificate to fulfill the requirements for your professional certification. Be sure to check your TEACH account for the exact expiration date for your Initial Certificate; do not wait until your fifth year to apply for your professional certificate!

Application Requirements:

  • A master’s degree;
  • 12 graduate credits in the certificate area’s content core or a related field (if your master’s degree is pedagogical, this 12-credit requirement is already met by the program);
  • Three years of full-time teaching experience;
  • One year of mentoring experience; and
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.

To review step-by-step instructions on how to apply, click here. Be sure to email us at if you need additional support.


TC Next is committed to empowering all Teachers College students and alumni with the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to pursue and achieve their post-graduate goals. TC Next Professional Staff encourages students and alumni to utilize the Career Resources Portal to view new and trending jobs, provide employers with their current resume/CV, and register to attend scheduled workshops, events, and career fairs network virtually. Below is a list of resources:

  • Alumni get two free 1:1 coaching sessions, which include a career strengths matrix.
  • Alumni Career Services: TC Alumni have full access to the job posting board, workshops and events, and complimentary career advisor consultations through our TC NEXT Portal.
  • TC Gmail for LIFE: Activate your TC Gmail account! Set up your UNI (and password) at Then go to and click on myTC in the top right-hand corner to log in.
  • Network with Alumni:
  • Update your info and share your notes:
  • Connect with Alumni Abroad:
  • TC Career Services (TCCS):
  • Alumni FAQs:

Don't forget to stop by Whittier Hall to get your Alumni ID! It grants you access to reserve rooms in the library, partner discounts, and many other areas of the school following graduation.

Sharing Credit: Tara Laohakul


Click here to view our list of NYC Urgent Teacher Vacancies for 2021-22 School Year

As a NYC DOE teacher, you can transfer to another DOE school during the "Open Market Transfer Period" that runs from mid-April to early August each year. Transferring to a new school is a personal decision that can be motivated by many factors. You may be looking for a shift in instructional focus, new program options, a change in principal or administrative style, or just a more convenient location. There are more possibilities than ever for you to transfer now if you wish to do so.

As you explore new opportunities for the following school year, feel free to peruse the listings shared by our alumni, partners, and affiliates. By providing you with this list, we are not endorsing any of these schools but rather providing you with as many resources as possible as you search for a new position that fits your needs.

Where Our Alumni Work

Our alumni work all over NYC and regularly share their school vacancies with us; they are also more than happy to connect with fellow TR@TC alumni to answer questions about their schools. Please let us know if you're interested in a particular school to lead you to alumni working there.

  • Urban Assembly School for Technology
  • Evergreen Middle School for Urban Exploration
  • East West School for International Studies
  • Urban Assembly for Global Commerce    
  • William T Sampson Elementary School (PS 160)
  • Sunset Park High School
  • High School for Language and Innovation
  • Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies
  • East Side Community High School
  • St. Hope Leadership Academy
  • Marta Valle High School
  • Energy Tech High School
  • P.S./I.S. 188 The Island School
  • Marble Hill High School for International Studies   
  • Urban Assembly School of Music and Art
  • KAPPA International High School
  • Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology
  • Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
  • International High School at Union Square
  • Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies
  • Urban Assembly School of Business for Young Women
  • Lower Manhattan Community Middle School
  • Hudson High School of Learning Technologies
  • Validus Preparatory Academy
  • North Queens Community High School
  • The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx
  • High School for Law, Advocacy and Social Justice
  • One World Middle School at Edenwald
  • New Visions Charter School for the Humanities
  • 176X @ Harry S Truman High School
  • Bronx Preparatory Charter School
  • PS 18 Bronx (John Peter Zanger)
  • Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy High School
  • PS/MS 206
  • Lorraine Hansberry Academy (PS 214)
  • PS 129 Twin Peaks Upper
  • West Prep Middle School
  • Brooklyn International High School
  • The Laboratory School for Technology and Finance
  • Community Health Academy of the Heights
  • Vanguard High School
  • Cobble Hill School of American Studies
  • City Knoll Middle School
  • Urban Assembly Maker Academy
  • M.S. 301 Paul Laurence Dunbar School
  • University Neighborhood Middle School
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