Seth Low Hall


Seth Low is a friendly building with a long history of cooperation and sociability.  Customs started early on have turned into traditions, such as trick or treating (followed by a Halloween party in the lobby), Christmas caroling (followed by a holiday party in the lobby), and a start-of-the-semester party (which has been on hiatus; residents have hopes of reinstituting someday soon).

The House Committee, revived in 2004, is a forum for residents of Seth Low.

It also serves as the collective tenant voice in relation to the Teachers College administration. When there are building-wide problems to discuss, the House Committee sends representatives to the TC administration to try to resolve matters. Issues are discussed at periodic meetings, and more frequently information is shared on the House Committee listserv,

This brochure, in its original form, was put together by a group of House Committee members - Margaret Bates, Dick Covert, Angela Covert, and Robin Henig - to welcome new residents to the building, and to remind current residents about how the building operates and what resources exist at TC and in the neighborhood.  The Office of Residential Services updated the original guide to include more information on the operation of the building.

About Seth Low Hall History

Seth Low was the mayor of Brooklyn at the time of New York City consolidation, and was also the president of Columbia University.

House Committee Social Events

October 31: Halloween party 

Late December: Holiday party

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