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WEBINAR: A Columbia Student’s Guide to Monkey Pox: What it is and How to Manage

Fri. Oct 7, 1 – 2 PM | Register on Zoom
Many Columbia students have questions about monkeypox and how it could affect their life on campus. This one-hour panel discussion with Columbia Health professionals focuses on the current state of monkeypox in New York, destigmatizing monkeypox and the impact it is having on the LGBTQ+ community, and the services and support provided to students if they contract monkeypox.  

About Student Support & Advocacy

Student Support & Advocacy (SSA) is an integral part of the Division of Student Affairs. Our aim is to provide students with a central point for support and resources at Teachers College and Columbia University. We are available to meet with you, and to provide referrals, resources, and support.

We welcome you to connect with us email to Still unsure about resources and services? Take a look at our FAQs. There, you will find a section about our team, and about how we can help you.


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Finding resources can be overwhelming. Check these questions (and answers) that will guide you in the right direction! You may also schedule an appointment with us by filling out our Contact Form.

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Contacts for immediate assistance if you’re experiencing a mental health or psychological crisis.

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If not in an emergency, but still concerned about a student, here's some guidance on how to approach the situation. You may also fill out the Referral Form to connect with our team regarding a student concern. 

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