Alumni Council

Alumni Council

As the designated leaders of the Alumni Association, the Alumni Council members represent the diverse interests and needs of the Association and the extended alumni community. Each Executive Council member serves as a co-chair for one of our Alumni Association Committees.

The Alumni Council Bylaws are currently under review (a process that occurs every three years). Find the 2015-2018 Alumni Council Bylaws here.

Executive Committee

Philip Geiger
M.A. '72, M.Ed. '73, Ed.D. '81


Carmine Gibaldi
M.A. '83, M.Ed. '87, Ed.D. '89

President-Elect, Regional and Affinity Group Committee Co-Chair

Marion Boultbee
Ed.D. '96

Immediate Past President, Awards Committee Member

Megan Benay
M.Ed. '17

Secretary, Nominating Committee Member

Renée Blumstein
Ph.D. '86

Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Jane Brown
M.A. '10

Awards Committee Co-Chair

James Gibaldi
M.S. '15

Young Alumni & Student Engagement Committee Co-Chair

Lianna Gomori-Ruben
M.A. '12

Communications Committee Co-Chair

David Hoff
Ph.D. '73
Nominating Committee Co-Chair
Brian Kennerly
M.A. '92
Awards Committee Co-Chair
Rory McCourt
M.Ed. ' 07
Young Alumni & Student Engagement Committee Co-Chair
Leticia Lyle
M.A. ’11
TC Ambassadors Committee Co-Chair
Jane E. Neapolitan
Ed.D. '94
Communications Committee Co-Chair
Belinda Nicholson
M.A. '98, M.Ed. ’10
Regional and Affinity Group Committee Co-Chair
Jalene Spain Thomas
M.A. '11
TC Ambassadors Committee Co-Chair

Alumni Council Members

Jessica Cardichon
M.A. '99, Ed.D. '03
TC Ambassadors Committee Member
Michael C. Gillespie
M.A. '80, Ed.D. '83
Awards Committee Member
Eric Hassler
Ed.D. '11
Nominating Committee Member
Allan Hoffman
M.A. '73, Ed.D. '75
Regional and Affinity Group Committee Member
Delmy Lendof
Ed.D. '13
Awards Committee Member
Peter Moock
M.A. '68, Ph.D. '73
Awards Committee Member
Robert Obrohta
M.A. '89
Communications Committee Member
Ricco Wright
M.S. '10, Ed.D. '16
Young Alumni & Student Engagement Committee Member
Past Presidents

A list of past Alumni Council presidents

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