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Ty Cooperman

Tyler (Ty) Cooperman (M.A. '20)

Tyler (Ty) Cooperman (M.A. '20) opened a second art gallery in Brooklyn with TW Fine Art.

Deirdre Franklin

Deidre Franklin (Ph.D. '02)

“Face-to-face interactions feed my soul.” Deidre Franklin (Ph.D. '02), Chief Program and Equity Officer at Oliver Scholars, took part in an interview series called “5 Things I Learned From the Social Isolation of the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Christina Grant

Christina Grant (M.Ed. '08)

Christina Grant (M.Ed. '08) was named the Acting State Superintendent of Education in Washington, D.C.

Stephanie Greenberg

Stephanie Greenberg (M.A. '09)

Stephanie Greenberg (M.A. '09) was named the new Assistant Principal at Princeton High School in New Jersey.

Melissa Harts

Melissa Harts (Ed.D. '97)

Melissa Harts (Ed.D. '97) was named Chief People Officer of Anthology, a provider of higher education solutions.

Delmy Lendof

Delmy M. Lendof (Ed.D. '13)

Delmy M. Lendof (Ed.D. '13) has been named the new Vice President for Student Affairs at Pratt University in New York.

Courtney Massenberg

Courtney Massenberg (M.A. '07)

Courtney Massenberg (M.A. '07) is the new Director of Community, Equity and Inclusion at Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut.

Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky

Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky (M.A. '98)

Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky (M.A. '98) has been appointed as the Democratic Co-Executive Director of the New York State Board of Elections.


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