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Darlene Abernathy-Neely

Darlene Abernathy-Neely (M.A. '94)

Darlene Abernathy-Neely (M.A. '94) is the Co-Founder, Academic Dean and Lead Primary Guide of NIA House Montessori, a Black-owned, woman-owned Montessori School in Nashville, TN.

Matt Camp

Matt Camp ( Ph.D. '21)

“Now is the time for every college in the country to fight hard for the next massive investment in higher education.” Matt Camp ( Ph.D. '21), TC Director of Government Relations, recently published an op-ed, “Books or Bombs?,” for Inside Higher Ed.

Asha Owens

Asha Owens (M.A. '18)

Asha Owens (M.A. '18), who co-founded the app BestFit Inc. with Rebecca Kwee (M.A. '18), was awarded $100k through Google’s Black startup founders fund.

Judy Pryor-Ramierz

Judy Pryor-Ramierz (M.A. '05)

Judy Pryor-Ramierz (M.A. '05) was recently appointed Assistant Dean and Faculty Member in Leadership for the MBA program in Sustainability at Bard College.

Kim Theodore Sidey

Kim Theodore Sidey (M.A. '11)

Kim Theodore Sidey (M.A. '11) is delighted to combine her experience in grant-making and choral music education as Chorus America's Music Education Grants Program Officer.

Dena Simmons

Dena Simmons (Ed.D. '14)

Dena Simmons (Ed.D. '14) appeared on Speak Sis with Oprah Winfrey, Kym Whitley, Nadine Burke Harris, and hosts Adrienne Bankert and Jotaka Eaddy to talk about mental health, childhood trauma, and healing.

Kimberly White-Smith

Kimberly White-Smith (M.A. '01)

Kimberly White-Smith (M.A. '01), dean of the LaFetra College of Education at the University of La Verne, has been appointed to represent California's independent colleges and universities on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

Kate Zatz

Katherine Zatz (Ed.D. '94)

American Public University System has appointed Katherine Zatz (Ed.D. '94) to chair its Board of Trustees.


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