• William D. Rueckert, Chair
  • Leslie Morse Nelson, Vice Chair
  • Thomas Bailey
  • Lee C. Bollinger
  • Denise Glyn Borders
  • Reveta F. Bowers
  • Laura E. Butzel
  • George J. Cigale
  • Geoffrey J. Colvin
  • James P. Comer
  • Joyce Berger Cowin
  • Charles Desmond
  • Nancy Rauch Douzinas
  • Dawn Duquès
  • Lise B. Evans
  • Ruth L. Gottesman
  • Patricia Green
  • Helen Kahng Jaffe
  • Paul LeClerc
  • Eduardo J. Marti
  • C. Kent McGuire
  • Dailey Pattee
  • Valerie Rockefeller
  • Caroline Fribourg Rosen
  • Marla L. Schaefer
  • Edith Shih
  • Nancy K. Simpkins
  • Carole L. Sleeper
  • Laura J. Sloate
  • Camilla M. Smith
  • Joshua N. Solomon
  • Milbrey “Missie” Rennie Taylor
  • Jay Urwitz
  • Sue Ann Weinberg
  • Bruce G. Wilcox

+ Thomas Bailey, Ph.D., President of the College (Effective July 2018)

+ Katie Conway, Ed.D., Secretary to the College and Chief of Staff

Katie Embree, Ed.D., Vice Provost

Michael Feierman, General Counsel

Susan Fuhrman, Ph.D., President Emerita (In office through June 2018)

+ Thomas James, Ph.D., Provost & Dean of the College

+ Suzanne M. Murphy, Ed.M., Vice President for Development & External Affairs

Janice S. Robinson, Esq., Vice President for Diversity & Community Affairs

Harvey Spector, Vice President for Finance & Administration (In office through October 2018)

JoAnne Williams, Vice President for Finance & Administration (Effective February 2019)

Nancy W. Streim, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for School & Community Partnerships;
Special Advisor to the Provost, Columbia University

Officer of the College

Faculty & President Emerita

  • Susan H. Fuhrman

Honorary & Emeriti Trustees

  • Cory A. Booker
  • Patricia M. Cloherty
  • Antonia M. Grumbach
  • Marjorie L. Hart
  • Elliot S. Jaffe
  • A. Clark Johnson, Jr.
  • Thomas H. Kean
  • John Klingenstein *
  • Roland M. Machold
  • Enid W. Morse
  • J. Richard Munro
  • Jeffrey M. Peek
  • Charles O. Prince III
  • Elihu Rose
  • E. John Rosenwald, Jr.
  • Donald M. Stewart
  • Laurie M. Tisch

 * Deceased

The President’s Advisory Council is comprised of a distinguished group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, policy making, and business who are a source of experience and expertise for the President of Teachers College.

  • Andrés A. Alonso
  • James G. Best
  • Anne O'H. Burleigh
  • Alice G. Elgart
  • Nicole Elliott
  • Jinny M. Goldstein
  • Jon M. Gruenberg
  • Debra S. Heinrich
  • Frances Hesselbein
  • Jill W. Iscol
  • Leonard Jacoby
  • Jonathan A. Knee
  • Lisa J. Kohl
  • Mariam S. Korangy
  • Phyllis L. Kossoff
  • Melinda S. Krei
  • Betsy Shur Levy
  • Harold O. Levy *
  • James P. Levy
  • Roy Lewicki
  • Thomas L. Rogers
  • Christina M. Capodilupo Schwefel
  • Janna Spark
  • Alberta Strage
  • Charla J. Tindall
  • Charo Uceda
  • Elisa Gabelli Wilson
  • Elaine R. Wolfensohn

* Deceased

  • Marion Boultbee, President
  • Philip Geiger, President-Elect

  • Galit Ben-Joseph
  • Megan Benay
  • Renee Blumstein
  • Beatrice Bridglall
  • Jane Brown
  • Jessica Cardichon
  • Arnold Fege
  • Rachel Gevetz
  • Carmine Gibaldi
  • James Gibaldi
  • Michael Gillespie
  • Lianna Gomori-Ruben
  • Eric Hassler
  • David Hoff
  • Allan Hoffman
  • Jennifer Iervolino
  • Brian Kennerly
  • Delmy Lendof
  • Emmanuel "Noel" Leyco
  • Shenzhan Liao
  • Leticia Lyle
  • Rory McCourt
  • Kathleen McNally
  • Peter Moock
  • Jane Neapolitan
  • Belinda Nicholson
  • Robert Obrotha
  • Katherine "Kate" Shasha
  • Jalene Spain Thomas
  • Courtney Steers
  • Vanessa Tesoriero
  • Ricco Wright
Background Image: A collage of Teachers College Endowed Scholarships

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