Dear Members of the TC Community:

I am saddened, outraged and frustrated by last night’s shooting on the Michigan State University Campus that killed three students and seriously injured five others, and which also resulted in the death of the shooter. We extend our condolences to the families and friends of those killed, as well as compassion for the MSU Spartan and East Lansing, MI communities.

This shooting is, unfortunately, another example of the recent wave of destructive gun violence in this country, and we recognize the feelings of unease, anxiety and grief that it may cause. We share our concern for the well-being of our students and other members of our TC community, and want to remind you of the campus resources that are available to you for support (see respective links for studentsemployees and spiritual resources).

In the wake of such horrific events, we can continue to find hope in the steadfast work of our faculty, students and alumni to turn the tide of gun violence and other societal conflict and inequities.

As we send our thoughts and condolences to the Spartan and East Lansing communities, please continue to care for yourselves and one another during these fraught times.


Thomas Bailey
President, Teachers College