Dear Members of the TC Community:

It is with profound sadness and frustration that I write to you following yet another school shooting. The tragic and senseless murder of three students and three staff yesterday in a Nashville elementary school stings with the memory of those we have mourned under similar circumstances, and the deep knowledge that gun violence simply cannot remain commonplace in our country.

While this news is distressing for all of us, I can imagine that it is particularly alarming for families and those among us who are or will be working in schools and classrooms as educators.

For those of you who are struggling with this news, I want to remind you of resources that are available if you need support or a place to talk (see respective links for students and employees and spiritual resources).

There is also an opportunity for action. In the wake of the devastating school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, last spring, the College launched “Stand Up to Prevent Gun Violence: Research and Resources for All,” a repository for research on the subject from TC experts, ways to get involved in the discourse — including learning about the proposed assault weapons ban — and more. I hope you’ll join me in remaining engaged on how we can all play a part in changing this painful, repetitive narrative.

As we work to heal, I know each of us will continue to do everything in our power to uplift humanity — and confront its darkest threats — through our work in service of others.

In solidarity,


Thomas Bailey
President, Teachers College