Prerequisite Program

Intensive Online Prerequisite Program

We offer an intensive online prerequisite program that meets all the prerequisite requirements to begin the master's speech-language pathology program here at Teachers College, Columbia University.

The program will run from May through August and offer the following courses:

  • Speech Science (2 credits)
  • Language Development or Language Acquisition (2 credits)
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (2 credits)
  • Audiology (2 credits)
  • Phonetics (1 credits)

Students can take any or all of the courses. It will be asynchronic, meaning there will be no required face-to-face time or even regularly scheduled online class time. Even students who come with no prerequisites will be able to start the program. Those students attending other master's programs are welcome to register, however, master's programs may have different prerequisite requirements so students not coming to the master's SLP program at Teachers College, Columbia University are advised to check with their programs to ensure that these courses meet those prerequisites.

Students who are not applying for the Master of Science degree program but wish to enroll in these Summer online prerequisite courses should submit a Non-Degree application for the Summer term. Instructions for Non-Degree applicants, and a link to apply, can be found on this page. If you are submitting an application for the Master of Science degree program, do not submit a Non-Degree application. You will be able to switch your entry term from Fall to Summer if you are admitted to the program and wish to enroll in these prerequisite courses. 

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