Neuroscience and Education

Welcome to the Neuroscience & Education program

The Neuroscience and Education program at Teachers College was the first graduate program in the United States and around the globe to offer multidisciplinary training focused on the intersections of neuroscience and education. The program is designed to prepare a specialist prepared to bridge the gap between research on the brain, cognition and behavior; and the problems encountered in schools and other applied settings. Students may also enter this program in preparation for further study in neuroscience and allied fields.

Degree Program

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Master of Science

The M.S. program is intended for professionals and non-professionals alike who would like to acquire knowldege in fields related to neuroscience, and participate in ongoing research, educational, or clinical practice.

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What do graduates do?

Our graduates continue on to doctoral programs, advance their professional careers with an understanding of the neural underpinnings of their clients' learning and cognitive profiles, or start new careers in research labs, consultancies, and educational software development.

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