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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

M.A. Current Students

Handbook & Forms


Download the MA Program Student Handbook here:

Integrative Project Evaluation Form

Download the online digital form of the Integrative Project Evaluation Form here. This is an online survey that can be filled out digitally from wherever the sponsor is. This is the preferred method:

Evaluation of the Integrative Project Online Form - For Sponsors

Fieldwork Portal

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Fieldwork Portal

M.A. Degree Requirements

Our Master of Arts degree is formally titled “Psychology in Education” for historical reasons, but is today well-known as a premier MA program for students interested in the field of Clinical Psychology and the mental health professions. The program provides foundational knowledge of psychopathology, treatment, theory, and research methods, with a range of courses in areas such as trauma, forensics, and mindfulness practice. It is ideally suited for applicants who are looking to strengthen their academic background prior to applying to doctoral programs such as the PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology, or other branches of Psychology. In addition, the program has many students who do not hold undergraduate degrees in psychology and who wish to gain exposure to the field, either to further their careers or explore new areas of knowledge.  Please note: The program is not intended to prepare students for the independent practice of professional psychology and will not lead to licensure in New York State.

In-Department Courses (CCPX) (at least 18 credits)

This is a 36-credit program, which usually amounts to 12 courses (3 credits each).  In the case of Individual coursework, individual credits may vary as described on page 10. Students are required to take at least 18 credits inside the Clinical Psychology Department (the code for which is CCPX), but can take up to 27 credits inside CCPX.

The Breadth Requirement (at least 9 credits)

Additionally,Teachers College requires all MA-level graduates to take three courses outside of their program (CCPX) but inside Teachers College. The college also has nine other departments with a wealth of fascinating and psychology-relevant courses. Check the TC website for details or the “Fulfilling your Breadth Requirement” section on page 11-12 of the Student Handbook.


Other departments at TC:

  • Arts & Humanities

  • Bio-behavioral Sciences

  • Counseling Psychology

  • Curriculum & Teaching

  • Education Policy & Social Analysis

  • Health & Behavior Studies

  • Human Development

  • International & Transcultural Studies

  • Math, Science & Technology

  • Organization & Leadership


Electives (9 credits)

Students have 9 credits to spend where they wish, either inside the department (CCPX), outside the department, or by cross-registering with other schools at Columbia such as the Mailman School of Public Health, SIPA, etc. Only graduate-level classes will count toward your degree. See page 13of the Student Handbook for more info on cross-registration.


Concentrations (optional)

Students may also earn one of seven “concentrations” by taking four or more courses in a single area of study. See page 7-9 of the Student Handbookfor a complete listing of available concentrations and the courses required to fulfill them.


The Integrative Project

All students must complete a substantial piece of original scholarship and/or research to graduate. The Integrative Project may take several forms. See page 16-18 of the Student Handbook for a full description.

  • Analysis of pre-existing data

  • Analysis of data collected by student

  • Literature Review

  • Ethnographic, Case Study, etc.

  • Questionnaire Construction

  • Structured Interviews

  • Research proposal and outline

  • Other qualitative or quantitative studies

  • Apply
  • Request Info