Committee for Community & Diversity (CCD)

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The Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs

About Our Office

Committee for Community & Diversity (CCD)

What is the Committee for Community & Diversity?

As a matter of introduction, CCD is a non-policy making group that:

  • Was developed post Diversity Task Force Report (issued September 1999) by the president;
  • Engages in diversity, community and civility issues that affect the TC community;
  • Does not handle individual "ombudsperson", or budgetary matters;
  • Provides TC's only cross-constituency committee (19 members), (unlike the College Policy Council which excluded union members, had 46 members and was involved in budgetary matters). 

A.  The membership of the Committee for Community and Diversity shall be constituted as follows, and each of the below constitutents shall develop their own mechanism to select their members for appointment to the Committee for COmmunity and DIversity.  Reappointment shall be determined by the constituent group.

  1. Four Faculty representatives – two to be elected for a term of one year from the Faculty Executive Committee, one Departmental Chair, and one At-large appointed by the Provost.
  2. Three Professional Staff representatives shall be appointed for one year from the Professional Staff Association, Management Network and At-large respectively.
  3. Three Union representatives shall be appointed for a term of one year.
  4. Five student representatives shall be appointed from the Student Senate for a term of one year.
  5. Three administration representatives including the President and the Vice President of Academic Affairs (Provost).
  6. One representative shall be appointed from the Office of Access & Services for Individuals with Disabilities (OASID).
  7. One representative shall be appointed from the Office of International Services (OIS).
  8. Two at-large representatives shall be appointed by the Chair of the Committee for Community and Diversity as deemed necessary with notice to the Committee.

B.  The purpose of the Committee for Community and Diversity shall be generally to:

  1. Advise the President on and promote and engage all constituents in college-wide diversity, community-building and civility projects and concerns.
  2. The Committee shall not act as ombuds for individual concerns.

C.  The Committee shall consult widely, inviting and receiving comments and suggestions from all sectors of the College on diversity, community and civility concerns and initiatives.


CCD Membership 2019-2020
Committee for Community and Diversity
As of 9.16.2019


  1. Frederick Awity

    707 Union Representative, Public Safety

  2. Thomas Bailey

    Administration – President of the College

  3. Melanie Brewster

  4. Yocasta Brens-Watson

    Director Office of International Services

  5. Monica Miaoxia Chan

    Student Senate President

  6. Isaac Freeman

    2110 Union Representative

  7. Carol Garber


  8. Nathan Holbert


  9. Richard Keller


  10. Stephen Kuschman

    Professional Staff PSEC

  11. Angel Pagan

    707 Union Representative – Facilities

  12. Juan A. Peña

    32BJ Union Representative

  13. Detra Price-Dennis


  14. Juan Carlos Reyes

    ODCA Administration

  15. Melissa Rooker

    ODCA Administration

  16. Stephanie J. Rowley

    Administration – Provost & Dean, Vice President for Academic Affairs

  17. Nicole Siniscalchi

    Professional Staff PSEC

  18. Student Senate Vacancy-TBD
  19. Student Senate Vacancy-TBD
  20. Student Senate Vacancy-TBD
  21. Student Senate Vacancy-TBD


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