Faculty Research Projects 2019-2020

Sarah Cohodes 

  • Leveling the Playing Field for High School Choice in New York City through Informational Tools. 
  • A Randomized Evaluation of STEM-Focused Summer Programs.
  • Can Successful Schools Replicate? Scaling Up Boston’s Charter Sector.
  • Do Gains on Standardized Test Scores Translate into College Enrollment? Evidence from Massachusetts Charter Schools. 
  • The Effect of Charter School Attendance on College Persistence and Graduation. 
  • The Long-Term Outcomes of Charter Schooling.

Kevin Dougherty

  • Educational Choices, Information Inequality, and the Reproduction and Legitimation of Inequality.

Douglas Ready

  • Evaluation of the Robin Hood Learning + Technology Fund's Content-Rich Blended Learning Approach in New York City. 
  • Brazil’s National Common Curricular Base: A Five-Year Implementation Study.
  • Do Teacher Incentives Improve Teacher Retention and Student Outcomes in Breakthrough Charter Schools?  
  • Evaluation of Cignition’s FogStone Isle Supplemental Mathematics Program: A Randomized Experiment.
  • Reimagining the Classroom: Teach to One Math in Elizabeth Public Schools.  
  • Trends in New York City Public School Academic and Demographic Segregation, 1987-2016.

Sharon Lynn Kagan

  • A Comparative Analysis of Early Childhood Systems in Six Leading Countries with Strategic Implications for the USA.
  • An Analysis of the Implementation of Universal Pre- kindergarten in NYC: Comparing Auspices and Settings.
  • A National Strategic Effort to Examine an Implement Early Childhood Policy Study in Institutions of Higher Education.
  • Developing Instruments to Assess the Transitions of Young Children from Pre-primary to Primary School in Latin America.
  • Supporting Brazil in the Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Early Childhood Systems in Eight States.

Michael Rebell

  • Civic Education. 
  • Education Finance. 
  • Legal Issues Regarding the Role of the Courts in Educational Policy-Making.
  • Right to Education under the U.S. Constitution.  
  • Comprehensive Educational Opportunities. 
  • Cross-Sector Collaborations (“Collective Impact") in Education.
  • The Right to Universal Pre-K services for all 3 and 4 Year Olds. 
  • Comparative international perspectives on the right to education.

Carolyn Riehl

  • How Elementary Teachers Use Information about Students in their Instructional  Planning and Responsiveness to Students.
  • Place-Based Cross-Sector Collaborations for Education: Case Studies of Selected Cities, and a Scan of Collaborations around the United States.

Priscilla Wohlstetter

  • Managing Networks for School Improvement in New York City.
  • Holding California Charter Schools Accountable: Implementation and Impact.
  • Diverse-by-Design Public Schools: Charter Schools Join the Fight for Integration.
  • The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) -- Intergovernmental Relations and Accountability.
  • TC Survey Research Initiative: Creates and Analyzes School Climate, School Satisfaction, and Other Surveys for a National Group of K-12 Schools to Help with School Improvement Efforts.

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