Roles and Responsibilities

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of

Roles and Responsibilities

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety - is responsible for assisting the College community in the evaluation, planning, development, coordination and execution of health and safety programs in compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations. The Office of Environmental Health & Safety advises the College community of its responsibilities, recommends actions, and consults with external agencies and regulatory bodies on behalf of the College. In addition, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety conducts periodic audits and makes recommendations for improvement. The Office of Facilities is responsible for removing recognizable hazards through routine housekeeping and maintenance, or contracting with the appropriate experts.

Heads of Departments and Supervisors - are responsible for providing safe working conditions and implementing health and safety programs as they relate to operations and employees under their control. This includes providing appropriate safety equipment, reporting observed hazards to appropriate departments, curtailing any work that poses an imminent danger to health and safety and assuring that their employees attend any required safety training.

Employees - are responsible for complying with health and safety guidelines, attending required safety training, properly using provided safety equipment and promptly reporting accidents, injuries or hazards to their supervisors.