Kuwata, Jin (jmk2142)

Jin Kuwata

Coordinator: Computing in Education Program; Co-coordinator: Communication and Education Program

Office Location:

322H Thmp Thmps

Office Hours:

Tuesday 6-7pm; Wednesday 5-7pm; Walk-in welcome, appointments prioritized. Please see schedule appointment link below.

Selected Publications

Chang, Y. K., & Kuwata, J. (2020). Learning experience design: Challenges for novice designers. Learner and user experience research.

Learning Experience Design (LXD), defined as the practice of designing learning as a human-centered experience leading to a desired goal, poses many challenges to novice designers. This chapter presents common challenges experienced by novice learning designers through the lens of design problem solving as well as expert suggestions on how to address the challenges. Without expert knowledge and schema, novice designers experience difficulty conceptualizing and analyzing complex learning problems. An insufficient or erroneous definition of the learners and contextual needs poses further challenges in drawing effective design solutions grounded in learning theory and design principles that flexibly accommodate multiple learning experiences. It is important that novice designers develop their identity as a designer as they learn to think and problem-solve as one.

Chapter available at: https://edtechbooks.org/ux/LXD_challenges

AECT LXD Webinar Series - LXD Challenges for Novice Designers Yoo Kyung Chang & Jin Kuwata

Video and Slides available at https://edtechbooks.org/dd_chronicles/lxd_challenges_novice

MSTU 5003 + 5013: Theories and Programming of Interactive Media I & II

MSTU 4052: Computers, Problem Solving, and Cooperative Learning

MSTU 4083: Instructional Technology and Media

MSTU 4141: Social Media and Learning

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