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Hollingworth Preschool hosts
three different types of events:

Open to our current, former, and prospective families in addition to the general public, Hollingworth Preschool hosts three Tea and Coffee at TC workshops each year. During the 2019 - 2020 year we explored creative development; childhood friendships; and the development of executive functioning. In each of the workshops we offered a window into our approach in working with young children as well as tangible resources for families to carry home. 

 During the 2018-2019 year our morning workshops focused on three early childhood topics:  fostering resilience in young children; playful early literacies; and the benefits of sensory play. During the 2017-2018 year our morning workshops focused on: the complex dynamics of handheld devices; the potentials of nature play; and the importance of block play. Resources for each workshop are available upon request.


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In addition to welcoming visitors throughout the school year to learn more about our child responsive approach, Hollingworth Preschool hosts occasional workshops for educators. In celebration of 30 years of Hollingworth Preschool, we hosted an all day conference focusing on Play; Child Responsive Approach to Education; Respect for Children, and Aesthetics. Past workshops include collaborations with the Monarch Teacher Network to offer Voices of the Land and Teaching and Learning With Monarch Butterflies. Please check back for other offerings.


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Once a year Hollingworth Preschool welcomes current and former children and loved ones to join us for a Saturday workshop, inspired by either our Craft Day or Messy Day. Science Saturday is rooted in our deep belief in the intersections of sensory play and scientific inquiry. On Science Saturday, we explore different scientific concepts through sensory materials. We offer demonstrations and open ended sensory play for children. Just like Messy Day,  loved ones depart with recipe cards so they can continue their inquiries at home. Our Craft Workshops are grounded in our joy in crafting, and our belief in personal expression and what a community is offered when each person is asked, do you have a story to share? For our Craft Workshops, we have collaborated with Emily Neuburger in providing the children and loved ones the opportunity to weave literacy, art, storytelling, and craft with Story Disks and Memory Card Workshops. Guiding the children with an invitation to share their memories, the children draw, create collages, and most importantly, tell their stories. Please check back later this year for event dates and information.

See our current and past events here


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