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Andrew Wortham (PhD ’21) on his dissertation research, joining the academic work force, and finding teaching opportunities.

Andrew Wortham is a Lecturer at Kunming University of Science and Technology in the Yunnan Province of Southwest China. He is an incoming postdoctoral fellow at NYU Shanghai. His research focuses on the creation of LGBTQIA communities around HIV/AIDS organizations in Yunnan. Can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself, your research […]


Rongwei Tang (MA ’22) on applying for PhDs, IP writing, and making the most of the TC experience

Rongwei Tang is a second year MA student studying the dissemination of Chinese intangible cultural heritage on Chinese social media. She was recently accepted into the Mass Communication Doctoral Program at the University of Minnesota and will be attending in the fall. First of all, congrats on your acceptance to your PhD program! Thank you! […]


Scott Freeman (PhD ’14) on working for NGOs, developing relationships during fieldwork, and the interdisciplinary nature of anthropology

Scott Freeman is a Professorial Lecturer at American University’s School of International Service in Washington, D.C. His research interests focus on the intersection of anthropology of the environment, critical development studies, and the anthropology of labor with an area focus on Haiti and the Dominican Republic. His current research concerns the ways bureaucratic and financial […]

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