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Christie Marquez (MA ’22) on IP Research, Future Plans, and Coming Back to Campus

Christie Marquez is a current Masters student in Teachers College’s Department of International and Transcultural Education, studying Education and Anthropology. She is interested in the intersection of neuroscience and culture and plans to focus her Integrative Project (IP) on this topic. Can you tell me a little bit about how you found yourself in anthropology? […]


Michelle Zhang (PhD ’20) on her research in China, and Advice for Doctoral Student on Classes, Comps, Research Design

Michelle Zhang is a postdoctoral fellow in Teachers College’s Department of International and Transcultural Studies in the Anthropology Programs. She conducted her dissertation fieldwork on spatiality and sociality in youth culture in Beijing, China. She is an applied anthropologist of China and is currently working on a project for Teachers College concerning the experiences of […]

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Melanie Dreher (PhD ’77) on the intersection of Nursing, Anthropology and Cannabis Research

Melanie Dreher is a nurse and anthropologist who has spent five decades bringing the fields together in her research on cannabis use in Jamaica. She has served as the dean of several nursing schools, while also teaching on faculty of programs ranging from public health to anthropology. Her research has been funded by March of […]

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