About Us

felicia smilingThank you for your interest in our department! We are delighted that you are considering graduate studies in one of our three programs: Mathematics Education, Science Education, and Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design.

Our programs have had a long and distinguished history, with some going back as far as the original founding of Columbia University on Morningside Heights, as well as some being the first of their kinds in the United States.

‌Our faculty, then and now, are doing cutting-edge research in their respective fields; their courses here are engaging, innovative, and draw on the best research evidence to guide you in your graduate studies and professional career plans.

Our students are outstanding and come from diverse backgrounds, nationally and internationally.

The department’s students, faculty, and staff all contribute to a thriving academic environment, are warm and pleasant colleagues, and would welcome your coming here. Our graduates can attest that a degree from Teachers College, Columbia University will serve you well intellectually and in your future career.

We hope to hear more from you and wish you the best in your professional growth and endeavors toward the enhancement of humanity and the progress of society.

Best regards,

Felicia Mensah
Chair, Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology
Professor of Science and Education


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