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Social-Organizational Psychology

In Organization and Leadership

Which Program is Right for You?

The three programs in Social-Organizational Psychology – the M.A. program, the Executive M.A. program, and the Ph.D. program – all share a common grounding in the adherence to a scholar-practitioner model and to a belief in the importance of examining and understanding organizational issues from multiple contexts and perspectives. The programs are, however, designed for different constituencies of students.

For those newer to the field or transitioning in from another discipline or career, the M.A. program is likely to be the program to which this student is best suited. For those wishing to pursue a career in academia or in a research position within an organization, and who already have some experience in research, the Ph.D. program is likely to be the program to select. For those with extensive professional experience who continue to work full-time but wish to pursue an advanced degree, the Executive M.A. program may be the more appropriate program.

ProgramExperience of ApplicantsCurriculum FocusNumber of CreditsFull / Part-TimeStructureYears to CompleteAdditional Admissions Criteria
M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology At least 2 years of professional experience preferred Broad exposure to the field of Organizational Psychology 45 FT or PT Semesters Approximately 2 years MA Criteria
Ph.D. in Social-Organizational Psychology Previous research experience strongly preferred Research and theory-building in Social-Organizational Psychology 75 FT Cohort 5-7 years unless currently hold M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology PhD Criteria
Executive M.A. in Change Leadership At least 8-10 years of professional experience Skills and competencies required for leading Organization Change 45 PT Cohort Approximately 1 year XMA Criteria
 Eisenhower Leader Development Program (E.L.D.P.)  Typical applicants have 8-10 years of military experience & have been accepted to serve as a USMA TAC or have an approved exception  Broad exposure to the field of Organizational Psychology; emphasis on Leadership and development of "change agents" 45 (33 at TC, 12 at USMA) FT Cohort 1 year GRE Required, More Information about USMA requirements



*For more information please consult the FAQs under the menu headings for each program.


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