Senate Committees

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for taking the leading role in gathering the information and building the relationships necessary to make progress on the academic issues of collective interest to TC students. Such issues include course offerings, colloquiums, advisement, degree requirements, and course evaluations, among others. As such, it is the responsibility of the chair and the committee to explore additional opportunities that contribute to the overall Teachers College community by improving the academic climate of the institution.

Diversity and Community Affairs

The Diversity and Community Affairs Committee works to promote diversity and inclusion within the TC community. Diversity transcends categories; it is visible and invisible. The committee seeks to make the invisible visible. It will bear witness to the strength of diversity and will have courage. Those who have the privilege of visibility will help. It will empower people to advocate for equity and interrupt the status quo. It will strive to create solidarity within the TC community.

Institutional and University Affairs

The Institutional and University Affairs Committee is designed to address issues concerning the Institution, meaning the internal and external operations of Teachers College. These issues can relate to the building and administrative facilities of the college. Administrative facilities can be defined as the Registrar, Financial Aid, Cafeteria, Library, Residence Halls, and other support functions of the Administration that impact the student experience. Other topics the IA committee may wish to address relate to the safety of the school and its surrounding areas, space for social gatherings, classroom and overall building conditions. As such, it is up to the chair and the committee to find ways to contribute to the overall Teachers College community by improving the operations of the Institution.


Student Life

The Student Life Committee is responsible for taking the leading role in gathering the information and building the relationships necessary to improve Student Life and build community among TC students. As such, the Student Life Committee is responsible for dealing with student life issues of collective student concern, empowering student organizations to create appropriate programming for students, organizing and implementing Senate-sponsored events, and working with the Office of Student Life and other offices as needed.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is designed to address issues concerning professional development opportunities as they relate to students in the college. The committee is responsible for hosting events for the Teachers College community focused on professional development as well as coordinating efforts with the Career Services Office, a branch of ​Student Affairs,​ to bring effective programming to students. The Committee Chair and the Professional Development Committee members are tasked with inventing innovative and inclusive events that contribute to the skill set and career preparation of members of the Teachers College community. 


The Sustainability Committee is responsible for taking the leading role in working with Teachers College faculty, staff, administration, and students to increase environmental sustainability at TC. This committee will focus on spreading awareness of sustainable practices to professors, students, and admin, increasing sustainability of senate events and practices, and staying in contact with facilities and residential life to keep account of sustainable practices and work to fix areas that need improvement. The committee will provide guidance to other Senate Committees and work with the Student Organizations Senator to increase sustainability of university-wide events. They shall also liaise with the Residential Senator, and Facilities and Residential Services to enhance environmental consciousness of the university. Finally, the Committee will provide education and awareness of sustainability practices both within the Senate and for the student body at large. The Chair of the Sustainability Committee will take the leading role in these duties and will work closely with other Committee Chairs to achieve the above goals. The committee will consist of at least 4 senators each academic year. 

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