Program Timeline

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Program Timeline


Intro to Induction

By mid-August, graduates are invited to various opportunities to interact with potential mentors and finalize matchmaking. Following this, mentors and mentees meet to develop an individualized support plan, including curriculum planning, teacher sustainability, and much more. 

Year 1 & 2: August - June

Induction Mentoring Support 

During your first two years as a NYC public school teacher, your Induction Mentor will visit you monthly to offer in-person support within your school community; these visits are non-evaluative and at your discretion. Additionally, you will have monthly check-ins with your mentor to continue updating your individual support plan. Their main priority is to provide you with the most culturally responsive mentoring experience possible. 

Induction Funding

All graduates receive two years of funding to supplement their learning and that of their students in ways that reflect their individual needs. Such funding is broken down into three categories:

  • Classroom supplies
  • Professional Development

Year 3 and Beyond: Alumni Support

Induction and Beyond

Your relationship with TR@TC does not end after your induction period! As you grow in your practice, we continue to offer resources to enhance your professional standing, enrich your students' learning experiences, and pilot passion projects. Many of our graduates also return to work for the program as mentor teachers, residency supervisors, and other roles within the TR@TC program.

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